There are many theories about how Covid-19 came about.  From infected bats which somehow got into the food supply in Wuhan, China, to many who feel that this was an engineered virus designed to control the population in China, to many who feel this was an engineered virus for the purposes of biological warfare.  Some of the more outlandish theories, mostly at the start of the pandemic is that the virus was just a Hoax and possibly even generated by the Democrats.  We’ve heard them all.  The most logical answer is that this was one of the many experiments done in a controlled laboratory environment that somehow escaped from the lab.   

It’s hard to be sure exactly where it originated but for sure it is no hoax.  More than 600,000 Americans have died from the virus so far and so many more unvaccinated people will die from the CoronaVirus before we get this under control. I think everyone needs to look at this epidemic as a battle against a very deadly virus and the most effective weapon against this virus is a vaccine. 

As a career Health Insurance and Medicare Agent, I have many of my own clients that managed to survive Coronavirus but they tell me their battle with the Virus has only just begun.  Many people that were infected with and contracted Covid-19 and survived are now suffering from a new condition called “Long Covid”

Long Covid can be an extremely debilitating long term illness. It’s so debilitating that the Government may, in the near future, offer disability payments to those suffering from Long Covid.  Now you know it’s a very serious condition if the Government is researching whether to render these folks disabled and give them Disability Benefits. 

What is really dangerous now is that because there are still so many people that are unvaccinated, these people are like walking petri dishes. They are allowing this virus to mutate into a more and more aggressive and dangerous Virus and what is really disturbing is that young people and children are now dying from Covid-19.  It would appear that the vast majority of people that are in the hospital on ventilators are the people that, for whatever reason, decided not to get the vaccine.  Now that that the Pfizer vaccine is FDA approved the hope is that many more people will get vaccinated. We still have a way to go before we reach herd immunity. 

 There is a lot of frustration out there between the Vaccinated and the Un-Vaccinated.  What is really frustrating is that it’s a preventable disease with the vaccine.  People don’t have to die if they only just follow the Science. 

Science doesn’t lie. Science is based on years of empirical evidence as well as billions of dollars invested in the research.  This is a form of SARS virus which is not new. With these Viruses evolving and mutating we need to be vigilant and fight back with our most powerful weapon, the vaccine. We also need to mask up and socially distance.  I’ve spoken to many people and they tell me Gary, I don’t need to wear a mask, I’ve been vaccinated.   I say to them, it’s wonderful that you got your vaccine.  What you did is you protected yourself from severe illness and possibly death.  Now, if you are interested in protecting others around you, you’ll want to mask up and adhere to social distance guidelines.  The main reason to wear a mask and socially distance even if you’ve been vaccinated is because you can still be a carrier of this very deadly Delta Variant and you can infect someone who has not been inoculated particularly small children because they are still too young to receive the vaccine. 

I read an article recently about the Black Plague.  The Medical community finally realized that rats were carrying and spreading the Black Plague disease.  Don’t be a Plague Rat and go get your vaccine. Let’s do it for ourselves.  Let’s do it for our friends, family, and Co-Workers and let’s finally get this disease under control. 

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