About Us


Scott's Vision

Scott wants to help businesses and individuals promote themselves using media such as this website and/or our new broadcasting network.  He writes press releases, publishes press releases here, advertises, and welcomes others to write stories for this site as well. We also will cover local events including photography.

We are happy to announce that we have added a South Florida Tribune Broadcasting Network to the South Florida Tribune.  We will do voiceovers and highlight your business on one or more of our shows (to be announced).  Our Podcasts can be found on the following platforms:  Stitcher, Castbox, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, and iHeart Radio.  We will also be including a You Tube channel.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the above ways to help your business or individuals promote themselves.

South Florida Tribune's Story

Scott Morganroth has been in the media business for over 40 years.  He has mostly written for newspapers and has also done radio.  He saw a need to help inform others, whether it be promoting a business or telling a story (sports as well).  Scott wanted to help others promote their business as well as stay in the media industry.  Therefore Scott created this website to take his media talents to the world wide web.  Scott is also teaming up to be on internet radio.

Meet the Team

Scott Morganroth had a dream of getting back to his passion of being in the media full-time.  He created this website and is also on internet radio.


Scott Morganroth

(Motor City Mad Mouth)

Founder & CEO

Scott has been in the media business for over 40 years.  He is a member of Detroit Sports Media, American Sportscasters Association,  Southern California Sports Broadcasters, and National Sports Media Association.  He is also the Host of The South Florida Broadcasting Network, which features shows such as  The Sports Exchange, Motor Mouth and Wild Bill Winters, Motor Man and Rude Dog, Fantasy Football, 108 Stitches, Baseball Talk, and South Florida Tribune podcasts.  You can hear him on these Podcasts on I-Heart Radio, Apple, Google, or on Spreaker.

He also is the owner/writer for http://www.scottsports33.com/


Candice Ebling


Candy has been taking photos for over 7 years.

George 2

George Eichorn

Vice President of Communications & Executive Sports Editor


Ron Renzy

Legal Consultant


Peter Wein

Owner of WEI Network and Co-Host of Sports Exchange Internet Radio Show.



Louis Addeo-Weiss

Sports Editor & Co-Host Sports Exchange


Bob Beck

Digital Marketing Professional


Mike Jarvis

Contributor to Sports Exchange Podcasts