Mahomes Expecting A Big Deal After Super Bowl Win

By Damon Knight, Tribune Correspondent

  Sunday’s game in Mami was one for the ages as the Kansas City Chiefs faced a 20-10 deficit and rallied to win Super Bowl LIV over the San Francisco 49ers 31-20.

One of the key factors in this game for the Chiefs was their star quarterback Patrick Mahomes who won the Super Bowl’s MVP. Mahomes, 24, went 26-of-42 for 286 yards with two passing touchdowns and one rushing. He also had two picks and a passer rating of 78.6.

After adding the Super Bowl title and the MVP to his already impressive resume, Mahomes will be looking to cash in this offseason when his rookie contract expires. Mahomes made $2.7M in 2019 on his rookie contract. He is expected to sign a 5-year contract, worth $200M. Annually, that’s an average of $40M a year, with $130 million guaranteed.

“He’s so special. I’m so proud of him. I hope he stays in Kansas City his whole career,” tight end Travis Kelce said. “He’s a better person than he is a player, and he’s a hell of a player, and now he’s a world champ.” Mahomes would go on to say, “That’s stuff that’s handled with other people,” Mahomes said Monday. “Obviously, I want to be in Kansas City for a long time. I understand that and also I want to win a lot of football games here.

“For me, it’s kind of letting that stuff handle itself. I’m in a great organization. I have a great team of guys working for me, guys and girls. For me, it’s about trusting those people and finding the best way to do it in order to have the best team around me.”

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