Identity Theft and the Covid-19 Vaccine

There are always ways to commit Identity Theft crimes – even during Covid-19.  How? I am glad you asked! Why not create a fictitious website which will gather Personal Identifying Information (PII) from unsuspecting individuals! Who would know it is a fake website? 

That was exactly what happened. The site was “”.  

Engaging in phishing attacks and social engineering are two of such identity theft crimes (attacks) which were used. Since the majority of individuals have already been involved in a breech, let’s look at the effect of phishing and social engineering attacks. 

Phishing attacks have been around for years. You probably have heard about it. It involves ways of getting your information (PII) without you being aware that you are being phished. Those individuals who are committing fraud, will try to get your information through nefarious methods including but not limited to email, social media sites, social media apps, etc. They appear to be something that they are not – in other words, “actors”. 

The following video will give you an idea of the ramifications of not protecting yourself and understanding where this can lead. Watch this video in order to get a better understanding of the bigger picture that you don’t see.

Rita H. Pinder

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