Withdrawal Sucks


We just went through months that are Kismet for sports enthusiasts. Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Football! All were in the height of their season or part of the sought after playoffs. Not just me, but I know so many fans that are addicted to watching the games. Today, unlike years ago, there are sporting events and so many channels. ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN4, ESPN5, SSN, SSN2, SECTV, Golf Channel, etc…..Even Japan has multiple Sports networks!

I would get together with friends for the World Series. Get together with friends to watch the NFL Playoffs and eventually Superbowl. Watch the 1028 different College Bowl games (I know there is only 38 of them!). Well, The World Series is over. The NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl are over. The College Bowl games are over. I now find myself staring at a blank screen. I feel like an addict. My arms are shaking. My feet are restless. I scratch my head and it doesn’t even itch. I call or text friends and ask if they know of or can help me find a good game to watch. What I learned is that that most of them are doing the same!

I thought of creating an Itching Anonymous. Or Sports Detox Association. Then I remembered that it is the middle of February and that means Spring Training is about to start. Major League Baseball is around the corner. The Alliance of American Football started. Hip Hip Hurrah!

All of a sudden my itching stopped. My arms aren’t shaking any more. My TV has a plethora of sporting events on again. No need for support groups! No need for Addicts gathering to work out there problem. I am alive. I Have Sports!! Sports that I like to watch. Sports that I can enjoy with my friends.

I would like to thank the TV programming for saving poor souls like me.

Hey, Anyone want to go to opening day at MLB?

Peter Wein


Founder The World Entertainment and Information Network

Host of Peter’s Livingroom & Co-Host Sports Exchange

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