What are Amazing People.

Amazing People are Couples with Down Syndrome who can get Married. Amazing People are Individuals with Autism who have jobs as attorneys. Amazing People are people with Cerebral Palsy who can sell water at sporting events and can earn over two hundred thousand dollars a year. Amazing People are actors with developmental disabilities who can star in  movies. Amazing People are people in wheel chairs that can climb mountains and amazing people are people with Autism who can fly airplanes. If the word amazing is defined as one who functions with shattering fascinating experiences than one can only imagine what would happen if we were as human beings to grow larger brains. Who knows where we would wind up.

Every week on the WEINETWORK at 4 pm eastern time on your smartphones or computers I launch a great star ship called the USS Delicious Magic that hurls everyone across the galaxy propelled with delicious ice cream cones as engines to seek out new revolutionary breakthroughs and bring them back to earth so all my families with disabilities can obtain the knowledge to make short and long term decisions for their families with disabilities. Our show with the amazing Rob and my wife the amazing Helen tell you all and interview amazing people about every topic of great interest to families with/without disabilities. In addition we are creating the only ice cream parlor coffee bar to employ people with disabilities called Delicious Spoonfuls and a center reflective of this radio show called the amazing abilities center. So tune in every Wednesday at 4 pm eastern time on the WEINETWORK on your computers or smartphones and listen to me the amazing Rob along with my wife the amazing Helen and my son the amazing Adir and let us hurl you to the stars to seek the correct answers. So what is amazing to you is amazing to us and that is why you are shattering and amazing.

So lets go to warp  # 2 ENGAGE

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