Those Were The Days


Those Were the Days.
I remember. It sounds like I hear that a lot.

If you grew up “back in the day”, then you know professional and College sports are not the same as they were.

Sure, people will say that sports in the 60’s ,70’s and 80’s were different than earlier in the 1900’s. Well, I don’t have to deal with or relate to the way the game was played before my grandparents were born. I only have to deal with what I have experienced.

When I grew up we were fans of our team and the players. Players stayed on a team for a whole career, unless they were traded. You were able to feel part of their family with the familiarity of the “Team”. Today, every year you don’t know where your favorite player is going to be playing.

There was a time when fans and players had loyalty to the franchise. Today, on both sides, its all about business. Can they be taking the Game out of sports?

We used to play baseball, football and even hockey on the street. We didn’t need a soccer mom to take us to organized sports at a park or rec center. We met after school or on the weekend and we had fun. We’d choose up sides and play.

I am not knocking the positive impact video games can have ( although there are way too many negative effects from gaming) but for physical, mental and social health getting together with other kids was definitely a way to grow as a person and influence your adult life.

I grew up on the outskirts of New York City. We didn’t have communities where we lived. We had blocks. Sometimes kids from the surrounding blocks would challenge our block to a game. Our street was painted with bases on the curb and sewer covers. Mine actually had a football grid painted on the street. We’d use the parked cars as blockers for passing in football. Sometimes, we were so smart, we would slide into base on the blacktopped street! “We Survived”!

Here is hoping that the new generation of parents realize that letting their kids play in The Neighborhood and not only having their Soccer Mom take them to a regulated organize league.

FYI- I also played organized sports as a kid. I was an All-Star Catcher for the Hawks in the Gen Oaks Little League.

I cherish the memories and comradely from those days. They make for wonderful memories.

Here’s hoping that reading this made you realize some of your good memories!

Peter Wein

Founder of The World Entertainment and Information Network —

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