This is why we are sports fans

After a lackluster NFL Wildcard Weekend last week where 4 of the 6
games were blowouts, this past weekend’s Divisional playoff games
reminded us of why we are sports fans. And why the United States is a
football crazed nation.
The first 3 games this weekend were all decided on game winning field
goals as the clock expired. But that was nothing compared to the
Chiefs/Bills game, which had the 2 most exciting minutes of any game
in the history of the NFL with 25 points scored in the final 2 minutes of
the 4 th quarter.
If that wasn’t enough, Kansas City found themselves down by 3 points
with 13 seconds remaining in the game with the ball on their own 25-
yard line. They then moved the ball downfield 44 yards on 2 plays to
kick a game tying field goal.
Then in the most important play of the game, the Chiefs won the coin
flip to start overtime. Patrick Mohomes then marched the Chiefs down
the field for a game winning 8-yard TD pass to Travis Kelce.
Speaking of overtime, does anyone have a problem that the play that
decided who may go to the Super Bowl was a coin toss? I think it’s time
to change the rule so both teams get to possess the ball at least one
There is a reason that the team who wins the coin toss in overtime
always takes the ball – because it is a HUGE advantage!
My final takeaway from this weekend’s games are the 4 things the
winning teams did that “led to victory”.
Cincinnati won despite allowing their quarterback to be sacked 9 times.

San Francisco won without scoring an offensive touchdown.
Los Angeles came away with a victory despite losing 4 fumbles.
And as previously mentioned, Kansas City won despite allowing 2
touchdowns in the final 2 minutes of the game and finding themselves
down by 3 points with 13 seconds left in the game.
So, there is the blueprint for the 4 remaining playoff teams. Don’t
protect your QB, don’t score touchdowns, turn the ball over and make
sure you are losing with 13 seconds left in the game. Easy-peasy.
Wow! It was quite the weekend … unless you were a Titans, Packers,
Bucs or Bills fan. I can only imagine what the NFL has in store for this
coming weekend as we find out which teams will be going to the Super
Bowl. Enjoy the games people!