The Business Score

From the beginning of time, every business, large or small, has 6 business systems.  The more effectively and efficiently they work in concert with each other, the more valuable and profitable the business will be. This “business score” has been validated from 30 years of research at the HBS, and memorialized in The Power of Alignment and Back from The Brink.

This “business score” is a way to tell how well your business is being run and managed by your organization.  It’s not a survey designed by HR to test engagement, but a highly technical design that measures the 6 DNA functions of any business and how well they work in concert with each other.  The score determines your financial success.  The higher the score, the more money the company makes.

To be a bit more technical, the score is defined as to how well the critical components of your business are working in concert with each other.  This score would be essential to a buyer of a business using leading indicators as to whether the business is as functional as the seller represents.  Conversely, a seller will be able to see what needs to be strengthened or “fixed” to both drive up revenue to groom the business for sale. It’s a perfect tool for a private equity manager to manage their portfolio, especially a company having disparate locations as it tests the effectiveness of its local management. Even lenders would sleep better knowing the business score of the borrower at 8 or above.

How does the score work?  On a 10-point scales, scores of 8 to 10 are rated in green meaning that the business is well run, higher levels of engagement and manager skills.  It’s the dream score but difficult to achieve.  Because of the variations in measures being tested, only one business we have worked with has ever scored 8 and above.  It was an auto dealership that sells and services more Toyotas than any dealership in 4 southern states.

What the “business score” does provide is auto generated solutions and actions from AI or predictive analytics given to every individual manager and every workgroup.  If 10 managers improve the scores of their department by just 10 points, or go from a 7 to an 8, performance and profitability follows.

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Author: Back From The Brink

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