“ME” Monday™ 7-15-19


Some of us have morning routines to start the day right. Some of us plan something special to wrap up the day in a relaxing way. What about a little self-care during the day where we spend most of our time?

Just because you spend a majority of time on the job, doesn’t mean you have to wait until you are home to prioritize self-care. As working parents, how do we fit time into our schedules for ourselves? We get up early to get ourselves and our kids ready for the day, then off to work and we wrap up the day juggling dinner, the kids’ schedules, homework, and more before the cycle starts all over again!

That’s why it is vital to plan “ME” time into the daily routine!

My kids were in pre-school and I worked about five different part-time jobs, some work from home jobs which allowed me to be with them more. I can remember staying up until all hours after the kids went to sleep to do laundry, clean and just unwind from the day before it started all over again at 5:30 am when the kids woke up. “Exhausted” was an understatement.

Now I schedule “ME” time every day, no matter the length of time. I smile and laugh. Wow, how good it feels! You may be saying, ‘there is no time in the day to schedule “ME” time’. That is why is it so important to consciously focus on making time, especially while you are at work.

We can be pressured by daily deadlines and maybe skip lunch to reach those goals; however, allowing little bits of time to rejuvenate ourselves during the workday can help reduce anxiety and stress while increasing motivation and energy!

A few helpful suggestions:

• Focus on getting away from your workspace during lunch time. Even if you bring your own lunch, changing your surroundings for a short time can help you emotionally and physically reset.

• Listening to meditation music quietly while working can subconsciously relax your body which allows productivity to flow more easily.

• Gather a few people for a coffee break and have a few laughs.

Imagine being relaxed and productive at work where you spend most of your time, then returning home to your family feeling motivated instead of mentally exhausted! Prioritizing self-care is a must-do in your schedule.

Take the first step and schedule time on “ME” Monday™! For more tips for self-care without leaving the desk, visit: https://www.health.com/mindbody/self-care-ideas-at-work

If you could do something for yourself right now that you are not doing, what would that be…?

To your health!

Lynn Lessell

Certified Health/Life Coach

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