Great year for the Tampa Bay Rays

By Byron Richmond

Even though we got eliminated in the postseason by the Houston Astros 3-2, it was still a tremendous year for our Tampa Bay Rays.

Kevin Cash got us to his career high 96 wins and if we didn’t have the Yankees in our division we would have easily won the division.

What makes this a great year for us Rays fans is that even with the lowest payroll in baseball, Kevin Cash rallied his troops with what he has in the locker room and propelled us not only to a Wild Card win over the Athletics but almost coming out on top in the Division Series. I don’t know about you guys but I like what Cash has brought to us and this mindset of bringing to this team the never say never fight to stay in games reminds me of another former manager we had in Joe Maddon.

I’m really looking forward to next year to see who we get in free agency and/or draft to help us propel that 96 win team to the next level of winning the division and possibly the World Series.

So Rays fans I know you guys don’t like Cash but hang in their because he brings in energy in to this team that we haven’t seen since Maddon took us to the World Series In 2008.