Organizational health is a combination of multi-factors working together.  Coaching a leader is not a recipe for organizational growth. It is helpful in possibly giving one being coached better decision-making ability,  unless the coaching also includes business system analysis.  Organizations are just too complex.  Solutions must deal with the complexity if organizational growth is the objective.

For over 30 years, Professors Lawrence and Lorch studied business collaboration.  Not so much of collaboration amongst people,  but collaboration of 6 business systems , and the impact when working in concert with each other.  They discovered that businesses that take the journey to integrate these 6, have superior financial results.  This research was further augments and supported by additional research by Dr. George Labovitz, Boston University and as CEO of ODI, Inc.  He called that “Alignment.”

The bottom line is that coaching, or one-one one mentoring brings out the best in people.  To bring out the best in your business, aligning the business systems is the answer.

Stanley Labovitz, J.D., CEO

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Author: Back From The Brink

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