Do I have to be a Super Hero?

Do I have to be a Super Hero?

Do you ever wish you were Wonder Woman or Superman so daily challenges would be easier? It can be difficult to balance family life and work. I can remember countless times I wished I was “Bewitched” so I could twitch my nose and everything would be done!

Work…life, work…life, ugh! Do you sometimes feel like you have to move faster than a speeding bullet? I used to feel that way. Guess what?


As a working mom, it was hard to focus on work and homelife separately. By focusing on both continuously, it was difficult to be my best in either world. I was exhausted and burned out from trying to add an hour in a day and a day in a week. No matter how much I felt like I needed to be a superhero, I wasn’t one so there had to be another way.

So, what’s the answer? For me, I had to ask myself a few questions like what is most important to me; do I love my job; how do I manage everyone’s schedules; where do I fit in some “ME” time? These are only a few of the questions but it made me think.

I came to learn there was no quick and easy answer but I realized dealing with everything one day at a time and re-evaluated our schedules regularly, was a step forward in a positive direction.

Planning a schedule so there is time blocked off for when to work, when to take care of the home and when to take “ME” time makes it much easier to focus when in each role. Wearing too many hats at once, makes it feel impossible to balance anything.

Since everyone is different, work and life balance are going to BE exclusively different for each person. It would be pretty boring if there were only one way to achieve work/life balance. Don’t you think? Life, overall, would seem robotic.

Planning and scheduling a time for work, family, “ME” time and focusing on each separately is a great place to start. Find the questions that make you think and you will start to find some answers. One answer at a time; one step forward in a positive direction toward your balance.

Make “ME” Monday™ YOUR Monday!

For 8 ways to improve your work/life balance visit:

If you could do something for yourself right now that you are not doing, what would that be…?

To your health!

Lynn Lessell

Certified Health/Life Coach

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