Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

By Lynn Lessell

Do you see a spouse, a parent, a homemaker or do you see a business professional who is always looking for the next strategy for success? 

If you could wave a magic wand and experience the best collective version of yourself personally and in business, what would that look like? 

When I used to look in the mirror, I saw a fragmented mess. Working multiple jobs simultaneously while raising kids was so stressful that I encountered physical consequences. It felt like I was two different people, one at work and another at home. Have you ever felt like you had to work so hard to be the ‘at work’ you, that you have no energy or motivation left when you get home? 

Through all the different industries I worked in, especially at the same time, I realized the common denominator throughout was ME! If I reflect what I believe in and just be “ME”, no matter what environment I am in, it isn’t so exhausting! My life story is why I am who I am today and is the structure of what I believe in. Most importantly, my story continues as I love who I am every day in whatever I do, wherever I am. Each of us has a story. Our story, whatever it is, is the foundation of who we are, our values and beliefs. It is most often WHY we do what we do. Whether at home or at work, we attract those who believe what we believe. When we merge both our business and personal identities, then we can convey the best version of ourselves to others. 

So, what is your story? What are your beliefs and values? When you look in a mirror, who do you WANT to see? 

I won’t pretend it is easy to compose your story; however, if you try to put a pen to paper and write your story and why you believe what you believe, you may begin to discover your truest self. If you are having trouble figuring it out on your own, contact me. 

It’s “ME” MondayTM. There’s no better time to focus on yourself, your story and believe you can discover the “ME” you want to be!

If you could do something for yourself right now that you are not doing, what would that be…?

To your health!

Lynn Lessell

Certified Health/Life Coach

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