What Are Our Abilities

By Robert Gottesman

 As human beings we are always questioning, each other forming opinions of who we are, where our existence lies and what is the nature of our origins. At the same time we exist to function within a world that exists for us with great dreams enormous possibilities and great expectations that enables us to create skyscrapers that reach almost a mile high. To descend so deep into the bowels of our oceans, to explore the micro world of the atom, to watch how individuals with disabilities climb mountains in wheel chairs, or to become attorney’s and CPA’s or actors/actresses. Who live on their own travel to far off country’s to open up coffee shops to employ others with disabilities to enhance and expand their lives and much more.”It was “Norman Vincent Peel” Who said Believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities cause without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy”.I believe this to be true not because of any ego or manifestation within my life but because I have the same dreams and amazing existence as every one who ever  living.

That is why each week on the WEINETWORK at 4 pm eastern time Wednesdays  I take a great star ship into deep space to seek out new breakthroughs and new revolutionary approaches while sharing the great knowledge I have discovered and bring it back to earth so families with disabilities  can expand and enhance their greatest expectations just like you and me.In addition we will tell you about Delicious Spoonfuls and the amazing abilities center where we will employ people with great ability to work and train within our ice cream parlor coffee bar.So look for our start ship called the USS Delicious Magic that has delicious ice cream engines to propel ourselves to the far reaches of the universe and remember if one is confident and positive and dreams the dream he/she so imagines you will hopefully become successful.All the best for a great week NOW LETS GO TO WARP # 2 ENGAGE Amazing Rob and Amazing Helen.

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