Week 4 Preview Seahawks vs Lions

Game Preview
Seattle Seahawks vs. Detroit Lions

By Jeremy Ballreich

Seattle will be visiting the Detroit Lions. Coming in with their low scoring, slow moving, time-eating offense. This is the one game where Detroit should want the ball first to set the pace. They come out and score fast. Put the pressure on them, to keep up. Establish run early and set up the play action pass to expose their weak secondary.
Defensively this is the one team that technically has a worse defense then Detroit. Their front line is okay but the LBS and Secondary is very suspect.
On Defense we must have everyone hitting the gaps tackling we’ll be able to stop their run game. Our LBSs better be ready to stop their short passing game where Geno Smtih flourishes.
If they are able to do all of this. The Lions should win handedly.

Score prediction 31-17 Lions win!

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