The Detroit Lions Can Make The Playoffs

The Detroit Lions Can Make The Playoffs?
By: Jeremy T. Ballreich

Well, there is a lot less of a chance after the beat down our beloved Cardiac Cats took in Carolina. But they are still only a half game out after all. Because the Giants, Commanders, and Seahawks all lost as well.

So, perfect scenario number 1. Seahawks, Commanders, Minnesota, and Giants all lose. The Cowboys, and Lions win. Because of Dallas owning the tie break with Minnesota. This would make it so Dallas has something to play for in Week 18. Which technically would move Detroit into the 7th seed, because they own the Tie Breaker with GB in head’s up play.

If this happens, the Sunday Jan. 7th game will mote than likely get flexed to Sunday Night Primetime Football.

Minnesota, Giants, and Dallas wins, Seahawks and Washington loses. Lions still end up with the 7th seed. Just would Dallas to get the deed done in week 18 against Waahington. And the Lions take care of business in Green Bay.

While the percentage dropped considerably, the Lions still have close to a 30% chance to make the playoffs. So it is possible, while not the most probable.

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