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Summer break is upon us and the conundrum is what to plan over the break with the kids. Have you ever felt frustrated for not being able to take time off or finance a destination vacation each year as some families do? Fret not! I discovered the “staycation”!

A staycation can be many things. It seems we always plan destination vacations and forget about what is right in our own backyards; however, remember no matter where you line, it’s a place other people travel to for their vacations. Why not be a local tourist!?

Every state, city or town has a history, so find it and explore it. Sometimes it is even free! I discovered The New Windsor Cantonment Historic Site in NY, featuring a reconstruction of the Continental Army’s final military encampment.

Who knew? It is free and was an amazing experience for both the kids and me, a great time to be had with friends, too!

I decided I wanted to become a local tourist just before I moved from NewYork to California. Realizing I was moving across the country, after living my whole life in Y, and had never visited the Statue of Liberty! Before I moved, I had to see it and I was so glad I did. When I moved to CA, I was determined to do all the things people planned their vcacatiopn time to do there also and enjoy the things in my own new backyard.

Now I am in Florida, another vacation area many people travel too. This is now MY staycation place! Make it yours too. The possibilities for adventure are endless!

You can travel to areas a few hours away for a day or weekend trip for learning, plan activities, or just lounging. Prioritize family time and a tiny bit of “ME” time.

We can’t forget the “ME” time!

Visit an aquarium, a local zoo, visit a local area of history and learn about where you live, spend a day at the beach, maybe a dinner cruise, have a meal in a hotel restaurant on the beach like you’re staying there, or plan a camping trip in your own back yard.

Whatever it is, make it special.

Live every day now with adventure and live every tomorrow with a little bit more. Don’t be afraid to plan some adventure especially for you. You Deserve It!

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