Sanitize & Liability

You may have already begun to investigate the rules, the process, and access to the proper way to sanitize your business environment. In the coming weeks you will be given regulations that require sanitation rules and processes be followed during work hours, after work hours, and on a regularly scheduled calendar. It is important that you check with your business insurance agent and your corporate attorney about what rules you are required to follow and about the liability issues. Not all states and not all counties may require the same rules for even the same businesses. For example, I have a client who has to sanitize his work environment by using an outside company weekly. In addition his facility must be capable of being cleaned during the day, using proper sanitizing products. His employees will be required to wash their hands every hour. The break room or kitchen will have to be sanitized every time it’s used.

I’m sending you this so you can begin to ask the right questions, and more importantly, seek out companies such as Stanley Steemer or other office maintenance companies who will be offering these specialized sanitizing services. I encourage you to begin this process now, so that when your business is approved for re-opening, you are ready, compliant, and prepared to let both employees and clients know that the environment is safe, and you are prepared to provide first class customer service. This information will be a huge part of your messaging campaign in order to gain the confidence of both your employees and your customers.

I hope this is helpful.


Ron Cocquyt

Hylander Management LLC


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