Renaissance of Color

 It’s June, which means it’s pride month! Now we’ve all been in a sort of a funk for the last year, with the pandemic and all.. but maybe can we see the rainbow after this long storm? We certainly think so. It’s that time of the year you get to celebrate your true self with beautiful vibrant colors! Think juicy fruity deliciousness for this summer. Think rainbow pride! 

We’ve literally just gone through a plague, like in the Middle Ages.. which is insane, but enough of that. This month is about coming out in every way, whether it’s because of the awesome weather or to let your true colors shine! (Also we’re actually allowed to go out again!) 

It seems we’ve all been restricted in our own enclosed spaces, and this is the time to acknowledge that that happened. Past tense though, it’s happened, and now is the time to come out of our shells and razzle razzle dazzle! This month is about letting your true colors shine, no matter who, what or where you are. It’s time to step out of the darkness (and our houses) and shine. Get your colors and smileys on 🙂 

Monique Leshman, who as we know is notorious for her delicious color palette, is offering an awesome live streaming experience. Get styled strictly for brights and colors just in time for pride! This is a streaming experience so you can sign up no matter where you are, and experience for yourself the awesomeness that is NYC, during pride. 

Now just to back track a bit, Monique has styled numerous celebrities and has had her pieces in some of the most prestigious department stores in NYC. Her designs have been on the covers of magazines. Beautiful color combinations are Monique’s niche, so you can trust that you will be looking radiant and absolutely fabulous! 

For a limited time, this phenomenal fashion guru is offering a live streaming so you can experience one of the most prominent fashion cities in the world for yourself, while you add some much needed color infusion to your life. This way you can choose from the wide array of colorful pieces, and be ready for this weekend! 

This is the month to celebrate who we truly are with glamour, delectable colors and beautiful pride. We breathe in acceptance and love, and breathe out fear and hesitations. We take in radiance and warmth and step away from uncertainty and doubt. We’re here, we’re loud and we’re proud. 

This is the color pick me up that we all so desperately need, there’s really no going wrong. After all, this is the time to coalesce with your inner Queen. This is a time to celebrate how far we’ve all come, and how beautiful it is that each human being is encouraged to be themselves, completely. This is everyone’s time to shine and to commemorate how beautiful love, acceptance and happiness is! Time to add some rainbow smiles to our style 😉