Rants From The Other Side

By Ron Cocquyt

The old adage “If it bleeds, it leads” is definitely holding true with the media during the Covid-19 crisis. It’s fascinating that only Democrats, Democrat pundits, and Democrat-leaning media personalities know all the answers. The Palm Beach Post’s Frank Cerabino and his fellow journalists have no problem criticizing the President, the Governor, Senator Scott . . . Nowhere does Mr. Cerabino, or any other left-leaning blowhard, hold President Obama accountable for diminishing the inventory of emergency supplies during the swine flu epidemic of ’09 and then comfortably ignoring the fact that they needed to be replenished. That would have meant allocating funds away from his popular give-away programs. Everyone is still afraid today to criticize Obama for his poor administrative skills and lack of empathy or interest in the long-range impact of some of his decisions. ACA still doesn’t work, and yet we’re not supposed to talk about it. The deductibles under ACA are obscene, and that’s why millions are still uninsured. We went to the cupboard to get supplies for this health crisis, and all the cupboard had was an I.O.U. signed by Barack Obama. And yet President Trump has to take the heat for lack of supplies and preparedness, when this is what he inherited. Nowhere in the press do we see a daily accounting for all the good things that are being accomplished. It’s trauma, tragedy, and terror. Let’s scare the hell out of everyone is the mantra, and therefore they will watch our silly TV and read our nonsensical newspaper. I want to know what all these intellectual giants are proposing that the Governor do to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season as it intertwines with an ongoing coronavirus epidemic. I’m certain the Governor would love to hear in advance what he should be doing about this dual threat, since Democrats always have all the answers. Just think – with the help of Democrat advice, the Governor could get ahead of the hurricane problem.

Fortunately, 60% of this country knows and appreciates that those in charge right now are doing the best they can with the knowledge they have and the supplies they can muster. Whether it’s E. J. Dionne or Eugene Robinson or Joe Scarborough, they’re all reading from the same script and never – I mean never – will they say that individuals associated with solving these problems who are conservative are doing anything right or leading us in an appropriate direction. 

As far as ranting about lack of participation by our young people, remember:  These are the Facebook kids. Whether they are young physicians or young anythings, they are all about “Me.” It’s all about Me. See Me on Facebook, read about Me on Twitter, look at Me on Instagram. The hell with others and their needs, it’s always about Me. I’ve spoken with senior physicians who are amazed at the fear, lack of understanding, and total disinterest by millennial-aged physicians in participating in the solution to our current crisis. Thank God we’re not fighting a real “shooting war” because the Facebook crowd would be hard-pressed to sign up and defend anyone but themselves. Selfishness has become a watchword, and it’s going to come back and is currently biting us on the backside.

Ron Cocquyt

Hylander Management LLC


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