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Jared Goff, this will chaff some fans. But he’s actually a Good QB, but not great.

By Jeremy T. Ballreich 

There is such a division with Lions fans about a QB that was put in a horrible situation in 2021. One day, he’s told he is the man. Over the course of a weekend. Reported back to his job to hear the words, “Hey you’re being traded to Detroit!”

Instead of stomping his feet and throwing a fit. He packed his stuff and flee out to Allen Park facilities to meet his new coach, teammates, and the now GM that was responsible for scouting him.

He was in the spotlight immediately.  He didn’t look angry or depressed about coming to a team that was stripped to the studs of talent. He started working with the team. Doing activities around the city to put himself in front iofthe fans and the media. 

With the worst WR core in the league. He had a less than stellar start of the season. Lots more than him was bad at the time. But his play wasn’t quite on point. Possibly due to an OC that refused to adjust to the talent of the players he had (Anthony Lynn). 

Once the playcalling changed, it was a totally different Jared Goff. Under Anthony Lynn, he had 8 TDs and 7 INTs and a paltry 64.8% completion percentage. 5 fumbles and 4 lost. 0-9 record.

His next 6 starts, was night and day different. 74.3% completion percentage 11 TDs, and 1 INT. 4 fumbles still, but none lost. Teams record was 3-2-1 in those starts. 2 time Fed Ex Air Player Of The Week.

This season, with better talent around him in the WR room (from 32nd ranked to 15th) it looks like more of the late season Goff is here to stay (I’m all the happier to see that)! 

Through two games 471 yards 6 TDs, 1 INT, if the WRs and TEs (mostly TJ Hockenson who leads in this stat through 2 games with 5 alone) His completion percentage would increase by 14%. But is 14th in yardage. 4th in TDs and tied for 7th in INTs in the league. 

So far and average of 235.5 yards a game, 3 TDs a game, and 0.5 INTs a game. Not saying it will. But what if this is his stat line for every game? It would equal actually a pretty darn good season. 

4,003.5 yards 51 TDs and either 8 or 9 picks.

Nowhere am I saying he will get those numbers. But it interesting to think of to say the least.

Jared Goff is a smart Game Manager type of QB, he doesn’t have the strongest arm, but yet, because of his decision making. Is actually a decent QB. 

I personally think if he continues to improve, and is still making these type of stats throughout the season. Our Detroit Football Lions will be alright with Goff. 

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