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Hi, I’m Zach Hirsch, the world’s youngest and most accurate published sports analyst and handicapper.

I have been broadcasting my sports picks and analysis on social media for the last four years.

In 2019 using my nickname, “Mystic Zach,” I founded IPickWins, an internet sports analytics and social influence platform designed to deliver my expert sports predictions and exciting content for free at my website ipickwins.com and on Instagram @ipickwins.

Throughout 2019 and now 2020, I picked over one hundred games in the NFL, College Football, NBA, Boxing, MMA, and Tennis. This season I predicted an unheard one hundred percent of my College Football picks correctly including the National Championship Game. I also predicted over ninety percent of all other sporting events correct including World Championship Fights, Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments and the Super Bowl.

My success in predicting both the hardest and most anticipated sporting events allowed me to gain a following of over two hundred and twenty thousand people on Instagram and thousands more on my website. I like to entertain as well as inform. I’m hoping to continue to share my sports knowledge and opinions with a great new audience at southfloridatribune.com. gma

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