Note from Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy

This is a note from Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy on the city’s efforts to reexamine the recertification program for large buildings in the city.

Dear Hollywood residents, As you may expect, the building collapse in Surfside has caused local governments to audit their building recertification programs. The City of Hollywood’s 40 Year or Older Building Safety Program is modeled in the same manner as those in effect throughout Broward County.

This week, our City staff reexamined the program, and in order to further enhance standard operating procedures, the City will be immediately pursuing the following:

1. The City will issue and re-issue certified letters to every property identified by Broward County since the program’s inception.

2. The City will also be seeking Special Magistrate consideration for Notice of Violations which could result in a fine amount up to $1,000 per day for a first violation for each day of non-compliance with the code and up to $5,000 per day for a repeat violator.

3. The City is creating a Recertification Taskforce and will utilize an all-hands on deck approach in the coming weeks to ensure compliance.

4. The Building Division will have dedicated staff to monitor our new email address. Luz Tinoco, Building Administrative Specialist, can be reached directly at 954.921.3301 for all phone inquiries.

5. The City will utilize a triaged approach in determining prioritization consistent with other coastal cities in South Florida. For example, properties on the barrier island, specifically those classified as high rises, and based on a specific construction methodology will be prioritized.

6. Finally, in an effort to court better inter-agency cooperation, the City will be providing a list of compliant properties to Broward County.

The City’s goal is to be evermore proactive in order to have Life Safety concerns identified and addressed.

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