NFL QB Carousel – The NFC Version

By Greg Fuchs

The Super Bowl is over and Chiefs QB Patrick Mohomes again proved
why he is the best quarterback in the NFL. At the same time, Eagles
quarterback Jalen Hurts may have proved that he is the best QB in the
Not every NFC team is fortunate enough to have a quarterback the
caliber of Mohomes or Hurts, though. In fact, many of them may be
looking for a new starting QB this offseason.
Actually, half the teams in the NFL would probably like to upgrade their
QB position and there are several free agent quarterbacks available
plus 4 QBs who will likely be a 1 st round draft pick in the upcoming draft
in April. And there is also a certain quarterback in a darkness retreat
who may be on the trading block.
All that said, let’s look at the 2023 quarterback situation for all 16 NFC
Philadelphia – Hurts proved this season that he is much more than just
a running quarterback. Now the Eagles just need to lock him up long
New York Giants – Daniel Jones had the best season of his career this
past season, but he is a free agent. I’m sure he’d like to sign a long term
deal with the Giants, but I still feel Giants management has their doubts
about him being a quarterback who can take them to the promised
land. My gut says New York signs him to a 2 or 3 year deal at $35M/yr.
The Giants have some leverage as I don’t think a lot, if any, other NFL
GMs will be looking to sign Jones to a big money deal. New York could
also be a landing spot for ex-Raiders QB Derek Carr, who is a free agent.

Dallas – Dak Prescott is the man in Dallas, although I am still leery he is
a Super Bowl caliber quarterback.
Washington – Is 2 nd year QB Sam Howell the answer for the
Commanders? He may be for 1 season. If he disappoints, they have
Taylor Heinicke as a fallback option and can add a new QB next season.
Or perhaps they make a play for Aaron Rodgers or one of the free
Green Bay – Speaking of Rodgers, who ever knows what Aaron Rodgers
is thinking. If he wants to win a Super Bowl, I think he should stay in
Packerland, but he may be ready for a change of scenery. And Packers
management may be getting tired of his antics. Jordan Love, their 2020
1 st round draft pick, is waiting in the background. If Rodgers stays, Love
could be a trade candidate for other QB needy teams.
Detroit – Jared Goff may very well be one of the top 10 quarterbacks in
the NFL. Wow, I never thought I’d say that! But after throwing for 4,438
yards with 29 touchdown passes and only 7 interceptions last season,
he may very well be a top 10 guy.
Chicago – Justin Fields is the Bears guy, right? Probably so, but there
will be many a rumor over the next 2 months speculating Chicago
should trade him and take a QB (Alabama’s Bryce Young or Ohio State’s
C.J. Stroud) with the 1 st overall pick in the draft. If they stay with Fields,
the Bears will get a lot of offers for their #1 pick.
Minnesota – Similar to my comment about the Cowboys QB situation,
Kirk Cousins is the man in Minnesota, although I am leery he is a Super
Bowl caliber quarterback.

New Orleans – Where have you gone Drew Brees? The Saints are
desperate to find a starting quarterback and they will be hot to add
Carr, but he will have many suitors. New Orleans doesn’t draft until
29 th , so they will have to go the free agent route. Other than Carr, there
is Jones, Geno Smith and Jimmy Garoppolo. Fallback option is Jameis
Atlanta – Are the Falcons willing to commit to 2022 draft pick Desmond
Ridder as their starter? They have the 8 th pick in the draft, which is
probably too late to get one of the top 3 QBs (Young, Stroud and
Kentucky’s Will Levis). If I was Atlanta, I’d be looking to move up in the
draft to grab one of those young studs.
Tampa Bay – The Bucs have a huge hole at quarterback with the
retirement of Tom Brady. Their 1 st round pick is #19, so they would have
to trade up to draft one of the top QBs. More likely they go the free
agent route.
Carolina – The Panthers are desperate to find a quarterback and they
will be in the rumor mill to add Carr or Garoppolo. They have the 9 th
pick in the draft, so they are another team that could be looking to
move up in the draft.
San Francisco – Assuming rookie standout Brock Purdy is healthy, it
looks to be a training camp competition between him and the 3 rd
overall pick in the 2021 draft, Trey Lance, for the starting job.

Seattle – Geno Smith had a breakout season in 2022 throwing for 4,282
yards with 30 touchdown passes. But he’s a free agent. It makes sense
for him to re-sign with the Seahawks, but he will likely get offers from
other teams. Seattle has the #5 pick in the draft, so grabbing a QB is an
option. They may have to be in the top 4 to draft a quarterback,
though, as Houston at #2 and Indianapolis at #4 will almost assuredly
be drafting a quarterback.
Arizona – Kyler Murray will be the main guy in Arizona after signing a
long-term deal last year.
Los Angeles Rams – Sean McVay is hoping Matthew Stafford regains his
health and returns to the form that led the Rams to the 2022 Super
Bowl win.
The NFC has a lot of uncertainty right now at the quarterback position. I
would say only the Eagles, Cowboys, Lions, Vikings, 49ers, Cardinals &
Rams have their 2023 starter currently on their roster. As such, the next
few months should be an exciting offseason for over half the teams in
the NFC.