Monique Leshman Rolls Out The Red Carpet And Takes Fashion Week To The Streets!

The Revolutionary, NYC Based “Sreetailer and Fashion and 

Accessory Maven Is Amping Up Her Globally Popular 

E-Commerce Site to Include A Fully Interactive “Styleship Program” 

Listen up, fashionistas and accessory fanatics! Monique Leshman is taking Fashion Week to the streets!

As the joyful chaos of NYC’s premiere event enraptures Varick Street September 6-14, the revolutionary “streetailer” and creator of the “Bohemian Lux” lifestyle will be a few blocks away in Soho – rolling out her own red carpet near the corner of West Broadway and Spring Street. 

Come check it out – and while you’re at it, discover wildly affordable ways to accessorize at her mega-popular tables. Get pro quality photos of you wearing Monique’s brilliantly detailed, colorful and evolving array of accessories, including purses, jewelry, sunglasses and hats.  

These mega-popular tables at the corner of West Broadway and Spring Street launched Monique’s incredible journey to global renown over 25 years ago. Taking her from the sidewalks of NYC to the catwalks of the world and beyond, her one woman “streetailer” revolution has made world class fashion mega-affordable, accessorizing Big Apple natives and tourists alike for generally under $100. Monique will be holding court on her corner until mid-October. 

She’s also selling now to big time clients and key fashion industry peeps. Stylists, influencers, bloggers, you name it, are becoming weekly “appointment” shoppers, overwhelmed by and happily addicted to her brilliant array of goodies that must be seen and worn to be believed.  

The Detroit born, South Florida raised Monique’s forward thinking vision extends to the ecommerce world with her global platform – a luxury resort and lifestyle collection consisting of apparel, handbags, sandals and fashion accessories. The self-stylist, creator and innovator will use the site to help clothe and accessorize people and provide day to day lifestyle ideas. A fashion world unto itself, its one stop shop concept includes using a webcam to both share her day to day “streetailing” in her NYC neighborhood and, via a soon to be implemented fully interactive “click styleship” module, allow her to assist clients in facilitating complete fashion makeovers live. 

Over the years, Monique’s creations have become multi-media sensations, appearing everywhere from top fashion magazines (including the covers of GL, Houston, OK!, Cosmo, Glamour, InStyle, Soap Stars, US Weekly, Seventeen and People) to TV’s “The Bachelorette,” “Dish Nation,” “Gossip Girl,” “Housewives of Atlanta,” “New York Housewives,” “Mob Wives” and the Mike Myers film “The Love Guru.” 

Aside from earning “ins” at retailers, fashion houses and shows throughout the world, the sheer force and charisma of Monique’s personality – combined with her killer entrepreneurial success story – has made her a popular guest on numerous outlets, including Fox 5 Business and 

“My website’s mission is from sidewalk to catwalk, we’ve got you covered. It’s all in the little details, from clothes, handbags and accessories to bras, perfume, food, styling techniques, even the right candles for ambience. I want to help people create the ‘Wow’ factor in their own lives.Rolling out the red carpet at this year’s Fashion Week is just another way of making them feel like they’re in the spotlight, looking and feeling fabulous about life.”   

Contact Monique Leshman at (917) 406-1414 for bookings and further information.

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