Miami Dolphins Transcripts – August 3 – QB Tua Tagovailoa, TE Durham Smythe, S Jevon Holland, OL Robert Hunt and WR Braylon Sanders

OL Robert Hunt

(You’re looking slimmer, man.) – “I appreciate that, thank you.”

(How much slimmer?) – “Since spring? Probably – I can’t give you an answer. I’m a lot slimmer though. I’m a lot slimmer since spring. A lot slimmer.”

(Is that a product of how you guys are going to play a little different of a scheme?) – “I think a little bit of both. I think it’s a product of what we’re doing here and also just how I attacked the offseason. So it was an approach to be slimmer and that’s what I pretty much wanted to attack.”

(What’s it like to have two veteran guys in the room who have seen a lot? I know one guy has been changing positions. What’s it like to have those guys around?) – “It’s good, man. Those guys played a lot of ball, a lot of ball in this league. So they can pass down whatever they learned, techniques and all that kind of good stuff, down to young guys like us. We’re young and we’re willing to listen and learn. It’s great having those two guys in the room.”

(You mentioned you’re slimmer, obviously. I’m curious, do you know what number of pounds you lose on an average practice?) – “Me? I probably lose like two or three (pounds). I don’t lose much in practice.”

(Do you change your diet at all for camp?) – “Yes, I have. I changed it probably five weeks coming into it until camp. So it’s definitely changed.”

(What is it? More of something or less of something?) – “Just less of the junk food, probably. Less of that and more of the things I need for my body, I guess – the greens, which I hate, but I try to force them down a little bit.”

(Was this something you did on your own or did the coaches, for lack of a better term, suggest it?) – “No, it’s something I did on my own. I wanted to come in and play a little lighter. In the scheme that we have, it’s a lot of running. I wanted to be my best self for the season to try to accomplish anything that I want to accomplish for myself – my personal accolades. So yes, I wanted to attack that in a different manner.”

(We saw your athleticism on display last year. How does that help learning this offense?) – “I mean, it doesn’t really have – I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I think I’m athletic, you know? So I think I can run any scheme, if I’m being honest. As far as – I like to run. I like to show that I’m athletic. I like to get out in space. I like to do what people think I can’t do – I love to do that. I guess it helps, being athletic in this system helps. If that’s the question, yes.”

(How do you judge your career so far? You came in obviously a couple years ago as a rookie and all, and now you’re established as a veteran.) – “I wouldn’t call myself a veteran yet. l think I still have a while to earn that. I mean, I don’t know how to judge my career, man. I just want to be the best player that I can be. It’s a short window that people get to play in the NFL and I want to take advantage of that and be the best player that I possibly can be and have a long career that I have.”

(What do you think has been the benefit of having the same five starters every day?) – “It’s good. I think we’re on the same page. We know our assignments. We want to win. When we come out here, we want to win against the defense. So I think it’s been good, man. All the guys on the same page, we know what it is. We’re all working. Everybody in the room is working, so it’s good.”

(Head Coach Mike McDaniel always talks about how he sees his job as trying to create the conditions to maximize every player’s potential. I’m curious for you, what do you feel helps you? What conditions do you like?) – “I like this – I mean I like the offense. I think this helps not just me but a lot of o-linemen. I think this offense and scheme is an o-line friendly scheme, and that’s a big part. It’s a beautiful thing. I mentioned this before, I love the offense. This is the type of offense that I want to play for, if I can, for the rest of my career, probably.”

(What’s the over/under on number of touchdowns you’re going to give us this year?) – “Oh man, I don’t have anything for you. I don’t know. I don’t have anything for you yet. We have to see and wait. Whenever we do though, I’m going to holler at you and let you know.” (laughter)

(I saw DT Christian Wilkins talking some trash to you on 1-on-1s. What did he say?) – “You know, he got a little lucky today. (laughter)

(I did see that. I didn’t want to bring that up.) – “No, it’s all good, man. He got a little lucky today. He knows that. (laughter) I forget what the hell he said. I wasn’t even worried about it at that point. I was just worried about – I was mad I lost the rep.”

(But I mean, he wins one rep and then he’s getting in your face and talking?) – “Yes, that’s Christian (Wilkins) though. That’s Christian. I’ve got to respect Christian though, man. Christian, that’s what he does. But then I’m going to beat him and I’m not going to say anything to him. I’m just going to beat him and then just go about my business. But no, he got me today. That’s the thing though, man. We’re out here trying to get better. He gets me one day, I get him one day. That’s the beauty of it. We’re both getting better.”

(How has it gone from your standpoint with OL Austin Jackson? You’re next to him at right tackle. How do you think he’s fared to that adjustment to the right side?) – “I think he’s doing well, man. I think he’s approached the offseason well himself. I think he’s flying off the ball. I think he’s playing good football – I mean, good communication and everything. I think he’s playing well.”

S Jevon Holland

(How’s the defense shaping up so far? What do you think?) – “I think the defense is shaping up very well.”

(What do you hope to show everybody in your second year?) – “I hope to go out there and enjoy myself on the football field. I’m not showing anybody anything. I’m playing for myself.”

(What do you hope to show yourself?) – “That I can be my best self. That’s pretty much it. That’s all it is. Competing with myself every day. So I plan on going out there, competing with myself and helping my team win.”

(How did you prepare this offseason? Anything special?) – “No. You know football at every level comes down to the X’s, and O’s. I did a little reset, did what I needed to do, listened to my body, came into OTAs ready, built on what we did at OTAs in the summer time and boom, now we’re in camp.”

(Outside of football, what was noteworthy about your offseason? Did you go anywhere or do anything special?) – “Seeing my family. Going back home to Cali. I love the West Coast. I just took it easy.”

(This is not California weather down here.) – “It’s not. It’s more humid here. But heat hot, in Cali the sun is way hotter. I was vibing. Just real chill. A chill offseason. I worked out. Relaxed. I did do some school too. I’m continuing school. Shout out to Oregon. I’m almost done. I’m getting my degree for my mom.”

(You weren’t around any of the fires in California were you?) – “Yes, I was. There was a fire on the hill above my house. It was huge. It was crazy. It was like Doomsday. Shout out to the firefighters in Alameda County. They handled that. Everybody got away safe. No houses damage as far as I know.”

(Is there any advice you could give to some of the rookies this year? You came in last year as a rookie, started out big right out of the gates. What do you tell them?) – “Be who you are. You got here because you are who you are. Don’t change because you’re obviously a play-maker, you’re here for a reason. It’s the NFL. You’re an NFL player. You’re a professional. Be who you are, carry yourself with respect and pride, be confident and ball.”

(For the last couple of years this defense has been stellar. Obviously you were a rookie last year. What do you think of this defense as a whole? Some guys have come back. What can you guys improve on as a unit?) – “Everything. You can never stop improving. Always looking to get better. Nitpicking the small details. You can be an inch closer. You can be a second faster. I think it’s just like tuning the car at this point. Everybody has been here. There’s a common knowledge of the defense. Now it’s like tuning that engine.”

(For yourself, did you improve on anything? Did you watch any film that you saw that you could improve on going into this season and over the summer?) – “Yes, definitely. I definitely did.”

(What’s the impact of some of the new faces defensively, some of the new veterans as far as some of those tuning things that you’re talking about that you guys have been able to implement out here on the field? Any specific examples?) – “No specific examples, but I would say that having vets that played, they have knowledge of the game and they can help the younger guys see things in a different light that align with the coach’s thought process. It helps a lot that they have that veteran leadership.”

(You’ve got a guy like S Brandon Jones too. You guys are growing into bigger roles in the defense. How does that film study process go? Do you guys lean on each other to talk about interchangeability that you guys have? Like this worked for me? Or I might adjust this differently?) – “Yes. Of course, of course. I feel like us as a unit everybody leans on each other and the DBs because if you think about it, we’re all pretty interchangeable. Without a doubt, growing with a team and coming into a second year in the same type of room, it helps a lot because of the chemistry you have, a connection, collective thought process, hive-mind type thing. It’s definitely great, for sure.”

(Seeing you in the stretch line before practice guiding guys through. How did that come to you that you are the one that does that, and how does that make you feel about that leadership position of the defense?) – “One of our strength coaches isn’t here, so I was like I’ll do it. That’s basically it. There is nothing to it. It’s cool. I can just guide everybody. There is nothing crazy. It looks like it has a different meaning, but it’s really just our strength coach isn’t here so I was like I’ll do it.”

(It paired up with what Safeties Coach Steve Gregory was talking about with you kind of playing the quarterback role on the defense. I thought there was some transition, some carryover there. But talk about that – the role of the quarterback on the defense and how in year two, having seen so little NFL reps, how you’re able to get yourself in a position to be in that position?) – “I think it’s about confidence and understanding the defense. I know as a safety, that’s kind of the guy pushing to be the quarterback of the defense, as a lot of people might say, or the middle linebacker. One of the two. But me and ‘E-Rob,’ (Elandon Roberts) we try to bring everybody in a collective mind. I don’t necessarily do it because I have to. I do it because I want to and I want everybody to be on the same page so that we’re an oiled machine. Everything is real smooth and real nice. That’s how I found myself in that role.”

(Was there a moment last year, or maybe in year two, where you thought to yourself you can take on more of that leadership role? Did you feel like you had to learn your stripes in that regard as a rookie? Or did it change at any point for you last year or this year?) – “Yeah. Coming in, of course I felt like I had to earn my stipes. My biggest thing was understanding the defense so that we all can be on the same page. It was never for personal gain. It was always because I want everybody to be on the same page, and if somebody doesn’t know something and they look back at me, I don’t want to be standing there not knowing what they have to do. I want to be able to communicate to them so that everybody is on the same page so that we’re all moving forward together.”

(Wide Receivers Coach Wes Welker said that he has the rookie receivers diagram each play of the practice script so that they can visualize it beforehand. Is there something like that you did to get yourself in position where you do feel that comfort level in the defense?) – “Not pre-practice or anything like that. It sounds like I’m repeating myself, but it’s really just understanding the defense. You just have to know what the defense is, know what it takes, know where the checks are, calls and things like that. Everything that’s intertwined in the defense on that specific call. We have a lot of stuff going on. But on that specific play, you only have one defense, one job you have to worry about. As long as I do my 1/11th, boom everybody else is on the same page. If I do my 1/11th and I get the job done inside the play and the play is still going on, I can help other people do their 1/11th  It’s a trickle down effect.”   

WR Braylon Sanders

(Can you maybe enlighten us on how the pumping up the crowd thing, how that came about?) – “Me and Skylar (Thompson) were picked as the two rookies to start it off for the first open practice of the week. So me and Skylar just came up with something. I said, ‘Man, I’ll do the wave, Skylar. We’re just going to have to do something quick and simple.’”

(You were picked by the rookies or the rookie group?) – “Oh no, I think one of the vets picked us.”

(You’ve obviously been impressive in camp. Were you surprised you weren’t drafted because a guy with that high of a per catch average in America’s toughest conference often would be drafted? Did it upset you? Did it disappoint you, surprise you or?) – “No, not at all. It just added to the chip that’s on my shoulder now. I’ve just got to come out here and keep competing and making plays.”

(Was there someone who you trusted who talked straight with you before the draft and told you, “this is what you need to do better or different to be an NFL player?”) – “I just talked to my agent, my trainers and just asked the little details on what I could get better on and what they thought I could be better at, and I just worked on that during the offseason and during the training process.”

(What is your strength as a receiver? I know Wide Receivers Coach Wes Welker was praising you today for your hands, your speed. What in your mind is your strength as a receiver?) – “Catching ability and speed. Just being a man downfield and making the play when the ball is thrown my way.”

(Any NFL receiver that you watch tape of?) – “I like watching Davante Adams.”

(Do you see anything similar in terms of body type?) – “I think we’re about the same height, same weight, but I just like his releases and how he maneuvers – manipulates a defender on a route – and he’s going to catch the ball when the rock is thrown to him.”

(How do you think playing in Lane Kiffin’s offense prepared you for the next level here?) – “Playing in Lane’s offense – he liked to spread it out. So it’s kind of different transitioning from college to the league. We’re more of a run and blocking-wise, so in college I didn’t have to block much, but now I’ve got to get in and be dirty a little bit.”

(How’s that going?) – “Going good. Going good. Physicality and just being ready to make the block when my number is called.”

(This morning Wide Receivers Coach Wes Welker told us that he asked the rookie receivers – you and WR Erik Ezukanma obviously – diagramming plays of the script coming up the next day in practice. How has that process been and how has he helped you kind of get yourself to the position where you can make plays out here in practice?) – “It helped a lot. Just going over the script the night before you come out here and do it at full speed; it helps you a lot because you hear the verbiage, you know exactly what he’s talking about so you’re in the right position when it’s time to play.”

(About how many teams made you offers after the draft?) – “I don’t recall. (laughter)

(So why Miami? Why’d you pick Miami? Was it they had the highest offer or another reason?) – “I met Coach Wes at the combine so just talking with him then and he was the first person to hit me up after the draft so I just felt like this was the place for me to be.”

(Was there something Wes Welker said or just his general demeanor that sold you on him?) – “Wes – he was undrafted as well, so just looking at his background and all the things he’s been doing coaching-wise and his career, I just thought that was the perfect person for me to learn from.”

(It’s obviously a crowded receiver room. If you are not on the 53 and make the practice squad, would you be okay with that or would you be really down if you don’t make the 53?) – “I’m just doing whatever helps the team win. If that’s practice squad or the 53, it’s doesn’t matter to me.”

(Has either WR Tyreek Hill or WR Jaylen Waddle or WR Cedrick Wilson Jr. made any comment to you about “boy, you’re pretty impressive?” Anything along those lines?) – “No, they aren’t going to give you a compliment like that. (laughter) They’re just going to let you know you’re doing good and you could be better, you know, when you do something wrong. But they’re just going to keep praising you and just helping you along the way.”

(Is there any specific advice that WR Jaylen Waddle, WR Tyreek Hill, WR Cedrick Wilson Jr., whoever has given you just coming into training camp this season?) – “Not specifically, but just diving in the playbook, mastering the playbook and learning my assignments and alignments.”

(We all had to catch ourselves right after the draft not to accidentally type “Braylon Edwards.” Did you follow Braylon Edwards’ career? Do you know him? Have you been confused ever with him by anyone?) – “No, not at all. But I watched him when he was at the Jets. He was a good receiver, great receiver, and I watched him a little bit. I didn’t watch him much.”

(So you were part of the pumping the crowd up portion of practice. How does that selection process work? Is it always rookies that are going to go over there and do that?) – “I have no clue. The past two days, it’s been rookies. (laughter)

(I know just reading scouting reports on you back in April, I know durability was a question. Were there little injuries or major injuries at Ole Miss that kept you sidelined?) – “Just minor hamstring-type, soft tissue.”

(And have you done anything in training over the last several months to try to prevent those? I know it’s impossible to prevent them, but lessen the chance?) – “Just strengthening and doing a lot of mobility work and just staying on top of it. Being more aggressive, I’m trying to make them stronger. The faster you run, the more your chances of hamstring. So just staying on top of it honestly.”

(I just asked QB Tua Tagovailoa about you and WR Erik Ezukanma coming in and he said you guys have really good ball skills, called you guys the dark horses of camp so far. What’s your relationship and connection with him like, with Tua so far?) – “Tua – he’s the leader of this team. So whatever Tua says, you’ve got to listen to it. I’m just taking advice from him as far as the playbook and the little things, the little details will come with it as well.”

(Wide Receivers Coach Wes Welker talked about scripting out plays the night before of practice, kind of trying to steal reps. How does that help?) – “Like I said, it helps a lot just going over the script the night before and just coming out here and hearing the verbiage and lining up fast. It’ll help you a lot.”

(Are you rooming with one of the other receivers?) – “No, sir.”

(How would you compare Coach Kiffin’s personality to Head Coach Mike McDaniel?) – “I’d say they’re kind of similar. Both guys like to have fun. Got a personality to them, so good coaches to be around.”

(Another thing that Wide Receivers Coach Wes Welker said that he’s learned from Head Coach Mike McDaniel is just how to put together a video clip effectively to communicate with players. Have you noticed that the video clips are particularly helpful?) – “Yes. Just some of the plays are similar to us. Wes used to run back in the day, so he’ll show his own highlights. It’ll be funny just watching a little guy like him just getting open and making plays in the league.”

TE Durham Smythe

(Year Five? Year Six?) – “Year Five.”

(Sorry I gave you an extra one.) – “I appreciate it.”

(What does Year Five mean to you?) – “I guess in general, you’re off your rookie contract. You’re a vet in this league when you’re in Year Five. I’m excited about the team we have and everything, so I think Year Five will be a fun one.”

(After seeing QB Tua Tagovailoa for the past two years, what are some strides he’s made in his game in this training camp so far?) – “I think physically, since he got here two years ago, three years ago, whenever it was, obviously he’s made a lot of strides. Everyone can see that. But I think it’s just – I mean, I say this every time this question is asked, and I’ve been kind of saying it over the last two years, because it keeps growing on a pretty linear path. It’s just his grasp of the offense, his grasp of professional football in general. There’s always a transition period, specifically for that position, so I think he just stays on this linear path of growth, and I think really the sky is the limit.”

(What’s it like to play in an offense where tight ends are so important? I know you guys are always important but…?) – “Yes, it’s exciting. This scheme is something that I haven’t really been a part of since college, and I love it. I love being at the point of attack in the run game, and there’s a lot of things that you can do with a tight end off of that. So it’s exciting, I think our room in general is pretty excited about being a focal point of the offense. It’s a responsibility that, as a group, we’re pretty excited about it.”

(The way you developed in this league as far as a pass catcher. People didn’t think of you that way. Now you go back to more of a blocking role. How do you develop…?) – “I mean in this league, it’s adapt or die. That’s what it is. It’s a year-to-year basis type thing. I think overall, everyone tries to be wholesome in regards to being able to produce in the run game and the pass game. But like I said, it’s a year-to-year basis. You have to prove what you can do every year this time of year and then continue to prove it during the season. So we’ll just roll with the punches there.”

(How much of a discussion yesterday and today was the NFL’s investigation into tampering?) – “We haven’t really touched on it. Obviously, that’s out of all of our control in the building. So when it has no effect on us, I think we’ll just keep rolling and attack the football part of it.”

(In 2019, did you ever get a sense that there was any intention not to win games?) – “I sure didn’t. Myself, obviously everyone in that locker room – if you’re a professional football player, your resume is on the line every week. So obviously none of the players are trying to throw anything and that’s what we all focused on. From my perspective, no.”

(Did you know that QB Tua Tagovailoa got married and were you able to congratulate him?) – “I did, yes. I was aware of that. I did congratulate him when we first got back to the building. That’s an exciting thing. I have no experience with it, but a lot of my friends do. So it’s exciting. (laughter)

(I wanted to ask you, I know TE Mike Gesicki is kind of in a tough situation with his contract stuff this year, and obviously, you guys are really close. What are some things that you can probably tell him I guess or kind of keep him encouraged along the way?) – “I say all the time – like I said previously, it’s adapt or die, year-to-year basis, you have to prove it every year. But with him, if he can show that he can produce in one offense last year, another offense this year and be productive overall as a tight end, the price is just going up. So that’s what I tell him every day. If he can continue on a positive trend path, it’s just going to pay dividends in the long run for him. I’m excited for him.”

(How did you like QB Tua Tagovailoa’s playlist today?) – “I love it. I love that type of music. I’m not a huge ‘rah-rah energy’ guy when it comes to the beginning of practice, so I kind of like the mellow vibes there. I like that.”

(So you had some energy today even though it was really relaxing?) – “Yes, I mean, it’s all business when you’re out there, but it’s kind of nice to have that relaxing element to it as well.”

(On the music at practice today) – “Well, you know, long practice. We wanted to continue the mellow vibes, I guess, so we just put it on repeat.”

QB Tua Tagovailoa

(It was recently reported that you got married and with family being so important to you, how special was it? Congratulations.) – “Thank you. Yeah, it was very special. I don’t know who ended up leaking it but you must have been waiting outside the courthouse for an entire week or something. For me, I love to keep my life as private as possible and that’s what we try to do with me, my wife and my family. But obviously in this world, that’s not how it is. It’s almost kind of disrespectful, if you will, by doing that. But it is what it is. I can’t do anything about it. Guys, I have a wife.”

(Does marriage change your perspective on life or football?) – “No girls for me, I guess, if you will. (laughter) That’s the perspective. Same focus – the season and what we have here in training camp.”

(Today I asked Quarterbacks/Passing Game Coordinator Darrell Bevell about your accuracy and how he feels you’re able to be so accurate with the football. He said it was more of a feel thing for you. I’m curious, how do you train that feel to make yourself precise consistently with the football?) – “Well I would say I’ve been playing this sport for as long as I can remember since I was little. That’s something my dad would train me to do every time. I’d go out and throw with a teammate, a cousin, whoever it was. My dad would stand and catch for me. An uncle would stand and catch for me. They’d always give me a spot that I had to throw it too. My dad was very adamant at where the ball had to be every time. He made it known after practices and after games. I would say it stuck with me throughout my entire football career in college and then in the NFL.”

(Recently, a 65-yard touchdown pass to WR Tyreek Hill went viral on social media. It was viewed more than 2.8 million times. I don’t know if you knew that statistic. But why do you think there’s such a fascination about that play and the deep ball and your connection with Tyreek?) – “I think people don’t think I can throw the ball far. (laughter) I would say that’s the fascination. Like, ‘Wow! He can throw the ball!’ It’s hard to be in the NFL if you can’t throw the ball, right?”

(I guess yesterday the NFL announced it disciplined the team for tampering. Among the tampering was the team’s multiple discussions with Tom Brady dating back to 2019. Obviously you weren’t here but even in 2021, were you aware of this? What are your thoughts? Were there any discussions related to that between you and I guess high-ranking members of the organization?) – “I would say everyone heard about it yesterday when we went into the locker room and saw it on the TV. For me, I have no idea about all of the details other than what was shown on TV with the $1.5 million fine and then something happening with Brady. I don’t know all of the details. I don’t even know what happened. I got to talk to a couple of the guys to kind of find out what was going on and everyone is wondering the same thing. I’m not too sure.”

(But no discussions with I guess whether it’s Chris Grier, Mike McDaniel or even Stephen Ross about your standing with the team? Nothing like that?) – “What do you mean my standing with the team?”

(The fact that they spoke with Tom Brady on multiple occasions, which included him playing for the team.) – “Was that in 2019?”

(2019 and 2021) – “Ok. I remember I came in 2020 so whatever happened in 2019, I can’t even speak on that. I was here in 2020 and I’m still here and I’m blessed to be here. If it has to do with support from the team, I think the team is all in with me and all of the guys that we have now.”

(On a lighter note, when the music came on. Were you singing? We know you’re an old soul and obviously your playlist reflected that. Is that accurate?) – “Well, I was trying to figure out which songs to play too, because there were a lot of slow songs that I wanted to put on but I didn’t think that it fit – a lot of the songs that I wanted to put on, because they still put on some slow songs. I didn’t think it fit the guys out here working in the hot sun. Guys probably would have gotten even more mad at each other. (laughter)

(During the stretch, it’s ok.) – “During the stretch, it’s ok. You can play whatever. (laughter)

(On the flip side of that, Mike McDaniel has been saying that in all the meetings, he says who the fastest player was at practice. Has WR Tyreek Hill been winning that most of the time? And do you have a fastest time that you’ve clocked so far in camp?) – “Well, they don’t tell us the quarterback’s times. I’m glad they don’t because we barely reach top speed at any practice. (laughter) Tyreek has been up there as the fastest Dolphins player. Keion Crossen has been up there for the fastest player. Then we have it sectioned off. Christian Wilkins has won as big man fastest player. I would say (Emmanuel) Ogbah has won it. Then running backs and linebackers, kind of the mid-skills, Raheem (Mostert) has been winning a couple. We have a lot of speed on the team.”

(Is it frustrating to show up every day knowing that you’re putting in your best work every day and you’re constantly having people criticize those deep balls or your accuracy? Is that frustrating to come to practice every day?) – “No. I would say it’s not frustrating. I would say the only thing that gets frustrating is if you hear it every day or if you see it every day. For me, I eliminate all of that. Don’t hear it. Don’t see it. I go home, go to my family, study, wake up the next day, come back and enjoy football. I hear everything obviously from the media and then when (the communications staff) preps me for whatever you guys are going to say, then I’m like ‘Ah, I’ve got to answer this. Alright, let me figure out something politically correct to say.’ (laughter)

(When you were on WR Tyreek Hill’s podcast, you talked about how your perception of staying humble has evolved and how now you kind of realize that you could be humble while feeling confident at the same time. I’m curious, is that a recent realization or is that something that came years ago?) – “I would say I’ve always had that. The only thing is I’ve never shared it. I’ve always had it inside. I’d be humble but at the same time, in my mind, you wouldn’t know that I’m out there to still do what I want to do. Compete, obviously, throw a lot of touchdowns and a lot of other things. But yeah, being a little more vocal with it has been something that I just started.”

(Do you feel like you’re trying to kind of project that more in a public way?) – “I wouldn’t say that I’m trying to project it more but I just don’t want people to get the misconception that being humble is being the nice guy all of the time because that’s not necessarily what it is, to me at least.”

(Is WR Tyreek Hill rubbing off on you a little bit in that sense?) – “No, no, no, no. Oh man, no. Gosh. (laughter) Tyreek is his own person. He’s unique, he’s different, he’s fun. But I wouldn’t say that me and Tyreek are very similar. (laughter)

(Quarterbacks/Passing Game Coordinator Darrell Bevell was speaking earlier today about how a quarterback almost has to do a math equation in their head as a play is developing, which I thought was a cool analogy. How high do I throw it, how far do I throw it, how much space is there, what’s the speed of the receiver. Tell me your thoughts on that as it relates to figuring out exactly where the ball needs to be placed, especially with you guys.) – “I think that’s the good thing about having OTAs is being able to throw the ball to them, work on timing with those guys and then some of the deep balls, you can kind of chuck one out there, see who can run under it, see who can’t and then you kind of work your way back down from that. But like I said, we’ve all – in our quarterback room and quarterbacks across the league, we’ve all been playing the sport for however long ever since we were little. So it’s something that almost comes natural to us.”

(How comfortable are you?) – “I would say I’m comfortable but that doesn’t mean we take off days with not studying, not continuing to talk to the guys, not continuing to come up here on an off day and talk to the coaches about some of the things that we see. I think that’s the cool thing this year too. We have a lot of open conversation with our quarterbacks room and our head coach, with the receivers. It’s really dependent on what we like in a quarterback room. If a route is strong a certain way and that is how Mike (McDaniel) has been running it for 17 years, and we say through our experiences the past two years, I like this play ran this way. Or I feel more comfortable with that play being run that way, without hesitation he’s going to do that to the liking of our room.”

(What have you seen out of WR Braylon Sanders and WR Erik Ezukanma…?) – “I’ve been very impressed with them. They have very good ball-tracking skills. They’re long and they’re fast. They’re fast for some pretty lanky guys. They’ll insert. I think the hardest thing for them is just transitioning with hearing the play-calls in the huddle and knowing where to be. But other than that, they’re very impressive throughout OTAs and throughout the first couple of days of training camp.”

(Are they under the radar?) – “Oh yeah, I would say definitely under the radar. Those are definitely dark horses for our team – those two.”


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