March Madness Stress


I sat back on my couch with mixed emotions March Madness is over!

Congratulations to University of Virginia for battling the way to a National Championship.

Although I am not the fan of the NBA regular season at least, I am a BIG Fan of the NCAA Tournament.

I read the names of the 68 teams and charted my brackets accordingly. I did think that the Cinderella team this year would be Oregon. I was partially correct. They did move on, but not that far!!

One by one the top seeds and those picked by my “Expert friends” seem to drop their games to the underdog. At first when I had Gonzaga and Kentucky in the Championship game, I was looking like the expert to those knowledgeable friends. Then- BAM- not only did Kentucky lose but so did Gonzaga. And then Duke… I don’t know anyone who had the final 4 and Championship game alive in their brackets.

With that being said, I probably watched more of the tournament then I have in years. Glued to the set and to all the news feeds I regularly get. I anticipated all day of the Championship game, how I was going to watch the game. The dip, chips, chicken wings and other munchies. It was now tip off.

Watching the first few minutes, I had that feeling in my gut that Texas Tech was going to steal the glory as National Champs. Then, to my shock, I awoke from a sleep. I feel asleep watching the game and woke up long after the game was over and the new champs were crowned.

Talk about anti-climatic. I spent many nights enjoying the contests and missed the game!! Its kind of like watching a movie thriller and not seeing the end. The conclusion! I was so upset.

The best I could do was watch the highlights. It took days of hearing people talk about the comeback in regulation and domination in OT. Next time I will plan ahead. Not only will I get the food, which by the way was still on my coffee table, but I will make sure to set an alarm clock just in case I nod off again.

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