December 31, 2021

On QB Jared Goff’s knee injury and game status: “We’ll get a look, see how he feels today, but we’ll see. Probably doubtful that he plays. I think it will be (Tim) Boyle again, but we’ll see how he feels today.”
On QB Tim Boyle’s week of practice coming off his performance in Atlanta: “He’s had a good week and he did exactly what we thought he would. He doesn’t look like somebody that’s frazzled or frustrated or has lost confidence. He looks better. He looks like he has learned from it, accepted it, and he’s ready to go to the next challenge.”
On if the offense purposefully got a false start on fourth-and-1 to allow P Jack Fox to execute a trick play against the Falcons: “No.”
On QB Jared Goff’s frustration with missing games due to COVID-19 and injury after his streak of strong performances: “I think you put it into words pretty good. He’s frustrated and he wants to go. But he also knows – he’ll know when he’s ready, we’ll know when he’s ready. But yeah, he was trending the right way and then when these things pop up, you want to get back out there. So, he is frustrated.”
On what he tells his players before facing a quarterback like longtime Seahawks QB Russell Wilson who may be playing his last home game with Seattle: “Honestly, I don’t even speak of it to be honest with you because the fact of the matter is, whether it’s his last game or it’s a normal game, he’s dangerous. So, I don’t think that has any bearing on it. The crowd will be loud, they’ll be into it. And, this player is good no matter what the scenario is. He’s dangerous.”
On how RB D’Andre Swift has looked getting back into practice this week and his outlook for Sunday: “He looks good. You can tell that he’s comfortable and he’s got his confidence up. He’s ready. We were still getting him back in the flow last week. ‘Do we think he’ll be ready? What is his shoulder?’ But this week, you know it. You can see it. You can feel it. He’s looked great all week. He looks fresh is what he looks like, which is awesome. Sometimes, I think you forget until you’re where we’re at in Week 17 and when you see an athlete like Swift that’s fresh, it’s a sight for sore eyes. So, he’s ready to go. I know he’s been wanting to go for a long time. And so, he loves the game, he’s competitive. It will be good to get him back.”
On who may step in at wide receiver with WRs Josh Reynolds and Kalif Raymond on Reserve/COVID-19: “It’s a good question. The hits keep on rolling. We’re planning on getting Josh back tomorrow. We’ll see how he feels, but we can get him back technically tomorrow as long as he’s asymptomatic. I think he’s trending the right way, so we’re looking for him. We’ve got Trinity Benson, who’s back off COVID, so he’ll be ready to go. And then, the normal. You’ve got Tom Kennedy, you’ve got Amon-Ra (St. Brown), you’ve got – well, I guess that’s it, right? It’s those guys. And, (KhaDarel) Hodge, you’ve got Hodge, excuse me. So, we’ll have the numbers. We’ve got our new two tight ends and we’ve got our halfbacks and we’ve got an offensive live. So, we’ll make do.”
On if his play-calling changes with QB Tim Boyle under center instead of QB Jared Goff: “Honestly, I don’t feel like – for the most part, I felt like I called the game like it was Goff last week. Now, you’re going to get a feel of how he’s playing and where we’re going with the game. But, I didn’t – I feel like, ‘Hey man, I’m calling this as if everything is open.’ I think the only thing that would make me call the game different is depending on the weather, which it sounds like we’re going to get some weather out there and you’ve got to go a certain way, the wind, the rain and then just the temperature. Tim is ready to go and I thought last week he responded. As far as throwing the football, there was nothing that I felt like we were hindered like, ‘Ah man, I don’t want to call that one.’ So, I’m going to call this normal. I think it will be more an issue of just the weather and then depending on who we have and how we’re doing in those packages is how I will call it.”
On if QB Jared Goff was able to rehab his knee injury while out with COVID-19: “Look, certainly it’s not the best-case scenario because he can’t be in the building and be with us. The best we could do is what I said, put on our hazmat suits and put it in a bag and drop it at his front step with a rehab program. So no, I’m sure it’s not ideal, but yet he did everything that he could under the guidelines that we gave him to try to get himself back. And, a lot of it was honestly being off of it anyway. He needed to lay off of it. So, no, you’d like to think that we would have had him with us and rehabbing, but I’m not sure it made that big of a difference, really.”
On if it has been exhausting to manage the roster and game plan this season with constant changes to the roster due to COVID-19: “I say this every week, the hardest part is not that you lost a guy, the hardest part is not knowing who you’re about to lose. Like, we have no idea. Like, I was crossing my fingers this morning, but even tomorrow morning, I mean, I’m crossing my fingers because you don’t know who you’re going to have. That’s the thing it’s like you’re game-planning, ‘Let’s get the next guy ready. No problem.’ But now, the next guy may be the one who’s out and the fact that you get pressed against time to prepare those players. So, it can get frustrating, but it’s part of who we are and part of the game right now I guess if you will. And, everybody is having to deal with it. So there again, you just do the best you can with it and move on. You work with what you’ve got.”
On if he would like to incorporate more of QB Tim Boyle’s mobility in the game plan: “Tim, the clock in his head goes off really fast and that’s a good thing. Like, he is on-rhythm and at times, he’s a little too fast. But, you’d rather have him too fast than too slow. So, he’s always, ‘Man, I’m ready to pull the trigger, pull the trigger.’ And, if at some point he feels like he’s gone through every one of his progressions, then he’ll look to run. But normally, he’s just, ‘Man, I’m going to get this ball out. I’m on my one progression, two, the ball is out.’ That’s not the first thing he’s thinking. So, I think just with the more he plays, the more that will come as to, ‘Alright, this is a time to run it and use my legs here a little bit.’”

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