Jaguars Media Availability Head Coach Doug Pederson (9-22-23)


(On an injury update across the team) “[OLB] Josh Allen did well in practice yesterday, so with another
good day today and no setbacks, he should be okay. Foley [DL Folorunso Fatukasi] is the same way, we will see where he’s at today and get him moving around. Zay [WR Zay Jones] is probably still more day-
to-day, we just to see where he’s at. I don’t want to risk anything further with him right now at this point. We’ll see where he’s at, he’s been working hard this week. Antonio [S Antonio Johnson] is still not ready
yet. [OL Brandon Scherff and OL Luke Fortner] are good, they’re good. Dewey [S Andrew Wingard] is fine,
Dewey is good.”
(On how much OLB Travon Walker has grown after last year’s personal foul against the Texans) “The fact
that you brought it up, it was totally out of my mind. I’m sure it was out of his mind too until today. You
learn from mistakes, fouls, things of that nature. I don’t think he thinks twice about it. You don’t want to
see it again in any ballgame, but definitely a learning lesson for him.”
(On growth of OLB Travon Walker going into his second year) “Roughing the passer penalties, they don’t
know about those? I know what you’re getting at. I think again, as players mature in this league and grow
up in this league, they understand situations and the situational aspect of the game. They know that, if I
remember correctly, it was a third-and-long, really long situation. You just got to understand that and
know that the chances of them getting the first down are probably slim and them punting the football to
us is probably greater. As a defensive or even offensive player, you just can’t make those mistakes. You
can’t take things into your own hands and try to make a play that way because it kept them on the field.
In situations like that, it’s just something you learn from.”
(On flexibility on offense with a strong tight end room) “Well, they give us a lot because we can move
those guys around and put them in different roles while still playing the tight end position, but just
different letters and positions on the field formationally and stuff like that. Brenton [TE Brenton Strange]
is still learning the offense, we’re cautious with him a little bit, but still being able to move him around
and give him a little bit more each week. You trust Luke [TE Luke Farrell] and Evan [TE Evan Engram], just
two veteran guys that have played and it does give you some versatility which is good for our offense.”
(On how much advance work has been put into getting ready for London) “Oh yeah, our guys like
Hamzah [Director of Football Operations Hamzah Ahmad] and the guys, we have a whole London team
that started back in the offseason, we had our first London meetings. Just kind of kidding around with
him yesterday about the trip coming up, they’re all set. They’re just waiting on Thursday when we can go
(On if the schedule has been set months ago) “Yeah, it’s been done. Everything is done, it’s one of those
trips you just can’t wait until the last minute to try to finalize things. You have to really plan, and we have
a good team of people behind the scenes that prep for that trip because the gear and equipment has to
be sent over months in advance. It’s got to clear customs and go through all those different things. Guys
have done a great job of preparing ahead of the travel.”

(On what OL Cam Robinson has been able to do this week with suspension) “His attitude has been great.
He’s excited to get back in the building, which he’s allowed to do. He can be around the team, he can be
in meetings, he just can’t practice. He can’t be out on the practice field or walkthroughs and things of
that nature. He can be in meetings, be around the guys which is good for him and it’s great to see him
(On if OL Cam Robinson can go to London with the team) “No, we’ve got permission from the league to
take him, I think his window would be the Buffalo game the next week.”
(On DT DaVon Hamilton’s status on injured reserve) “DaVon is getting closer to getting back out on the
field. He’s been lifting and working out and conditioning and all that, he still has his line in right now so
hopefully the next week or two that comes out but as far as the London trip, probably not going to take
him. We want to keep him here so there’s no setbacks, we’re in a different part of the world obviously
and we want to keep things pretty consistent around him right now, he’s on a good track for getting back
(On the challenges the Texans offense presents) “Well, we know they got a really good run game with a
couple of running backs that can get after you. The quarterback is athletic, and he throws the ball well.
They’ve got pieces there that have surrounded that quarterback. I think it’s how they use their
quarterback, by not giving him a ton right now, but at the same time, letting him use his athleticism and
his ability to make plays outside of the pocket, throw within the pocket, and what you see is the fact
there’s going to be a mistake made here and there. But they’ve minimized some of those, they’re not
turning the ball over and you look at the game against Baltimore, it was a 7-6 game at halftime, anything
to go in the second half. You got to stay extremely disciplined, that’s why I keep talking about the things
that we do and how we approach it on both sides of the ball. Just staying locked into the gameplan and
just doing your job.”
(On if he had any overlap as a coach with Texans Head Coach DeMeco Ryans in his playing career) “One
year possibly, it was a long time ago. But yeah, I think so. Maybe 2012, I was gone by then. 2012 was my
last year in Philly before we went to Kansas City and it was his first year there.”
(On if he remembers anything about Texans Head Coach DeMeco Ryans as a player) “I didn’t play then, I
was coaching. He was a player. DeMeco definitely is a leader and definitely has a lot of energy. You see it
with his team. You see it now with his team, you see that leadership and energy. Those are all things that
he was as a player. He’s a tough guy, smart, athletic and just a great linebacker.”
(On if practice has been how he wanted it to be this week compared to last week) “Yeah, it’s been a lot
better. Guys have had a couple of good days here and we’re still working through the dynamics of
everything, but it’s been a good week.”