Jaguars Media Availability (9-26-22)


(On the improvement of the offensive line) “It has, it’s just improved each week. These guys, they do a
great job. First of all, it’s communication. It starts with the center inside with Luke [Fortner] and then it
spreads from there. They do a great job with that. [Offensive Line Coach] Phil Rauscher does a great job
preparing these guys. We even get to the point to where we just kind of scale back too and we do less
and that way these guys get more reps and more time on task with things and we’re able to clean things
up. I think that’s what you’re seeing now with the way they’re playing and keeping the quarterback clean
and still being effective in the run game.”
(On returning to Philadelphia this weekend) “My wife and I, our family, we have a lot of great memories
back there. I spent eight or nine years there, once with [former Eagles Head Coach] Coach [Andy] Reid
and then once obviously as the head coach and brought that city a championship and something to be
proud of obviously. I’m really looking forward to getting back there. I understand that city, I understand
that passion for football, but now I’m on the other side. It’s still a long way away. It’s seven days away or
six days away, but we have to prepare this week like we have these last couple of weeks. But I’m looking
forward to it, to getting back up there. It’s been a great place. We did a lot of good things there and I’m
looking forward to hopefully the welcome.”
(On the ‘Philly Special’ play) “I think, and I kind of illuded to this a little bit even with our team here, is
this that if I don’t prepare the team for those situations, it’s hard to call those types of plays. So, we have
to be able to work those things in practice. We have to work them in the offseason, OTAs, training camp,
whatever it can so that when those moments come, you just pull the trigger. Honestly, it’s like another
play. You don’t think about where you are, the time, none of that. It’s about executing that particular
play and for us, it just happened to be in that game and it helped us win that football game. I think that
magnifies it more than just the play itself and the guys who were executing it. But yeah, it’s no different
than here in Jacksonville. If we’re going to put plays like that in, I’m going to make sure the guys
understand that we’re going to be aggressive on fourth down and we’re going to take our opportunities,
take some chances from time to time. But we’re going to work those in camp and in the offseason and
prepare the guys that way.”
(On his expected reception by Eagles fans) “I don’t know. It could be mixed. Listen, I have to get this
team here ready to go and I’m not going to be concerned with that. You hope it’s a good one obviously
for the things you did there, but I also know that crowd and they can be a little hostile and [I’m] looking
forward to that too. Listen, understanding that and having been there and worked there, you just
understand that it’s [how it is]. Even when I was there and we were winning games or losing games, you
were still getting booed, so it doesn’t really matter.”
(On bringing the work from the practice field to the games) “It’s just that. It’s just how we practice. It’s
how the guys take the information [from] the classroom. It starts with the coordinators obviously putting plans together and then how we educate our players in the classroom and then taking that to
the field on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That’s what we’ve seen here in these first three
weeks is just how well the guys have prepared themselves. The coaches have really done a nice job in
preparation. You can’t get to the end process until you get through a Wednesday and that’s just what
we focus on. We focus on one day at a time and understand the base game plan then and then we work
throughout the week.”
(On preparing for potential weather) “Those are all things we have to take into consideration. We’ve got
people in house that are monitoring that situation for us, and we’ll be prepared either way. If we stay,
we’ll be prepared. If we have to move out of here for some reason, if it’s obviously weather related,
then we’ll be prepared for that too, so nothing should change that.”
(On feeling good about the team so far in the season) “We are [feeling good], obviously the way we’ve
won, the way the guys have come together to win, we’re healthy, relatively healthy as a football team.
[There’s] still a lot of football ahead of us. You never look past the current week you’re in, the current
situation you’re in, but I’ve been pleased with the direction, the leadership of the team, and where we
are as a football team right now. [We] still have room for improvement obviously, and I think that’s the
exciting thing that everybody embraces their role and their opportunities when they get them.”
(On building confidence by building momentum at the beginning of the season) “Obviously it is heading
in the right direction because these last two victories. But it’s not so much how you begin the season, it’s
how you finish and so we have to make sure that [we continue this level of play]. There’s going to be
dips in the year. Again, it’s a lot of ball ahead of you and then there’s going to be dips, but it’s how you
manage those. Again, you want to be playing your best football not necessarily now, but in December
and January and hopefully through the post season.”
(On the decision to run the ‘Philly Special’ in the Super Bowl LII) “I wasn’t really thinking of that play as a
fourth-and-one on the goal line. That to me was a potential first, second down, third down call in the
game somewhere, so I wasn’t really prepared and really thinking about that in that situation where we
were, the one, one-and-a-half-yard line. Obviously when he [former Eagles QB Nick Foles] brought it up,
it triggered my thinking. It was just a great opportunity that he made a suggestion and I agreed to it.”
(On other teams running plays similar to the ‘Philly Special’) “That play that we ran is not the first time
that play’s been run. That thing’s been run fifty, sixty times. High school teams have run that play
before. It just happened to be on the biggest stage to run that play. But [former Eagles Offensive Quality
Control Coach and current Jaguars Offensive Coordinator] Press Taylor, who’s obviously now my
coordinator, was kind of in charge of finding unique plays and special plays, trick plays and things [from]
college, pro and put a little tape together. I looked at the tape and I saw that one and I wanted to put
that one in. In fact, [former Eagles WR] Alshon Jeffery was on that team, the Bears, who executed that
play then was on our team and he obviously had some insight to it, and he was a part of that play as
(On the ruling on TE Even Engram’s catch in the endzone) “It appeared that his foot was off the ground
or at least on top of his other foot, left foot, so I think that one was relatively easy to see.”
(On what constitutes a good fourth down conversion rate) “I don’t necessarily have a percentage in
mind. I think it’s more situationally and where we are in the game. I think the week before it was a
fourth-and-five or six. Well, it was a fourth-and-five at the end of the game. I think it was a fourth-and- five in this game the other day. But if you’re four out of six and you’re in that range at the end of the
year, it means you’ve done your job, you stayed on the field, and most of the time those drives end in
points for us. I keep talking to the team about that. We’re going to maintain aggressiveness both
offensively and defensively and our guys are excited about it.”
(On having as much confidence in the defense as the offense when going for it on fourth down) “Exactly
right. You look at the one yesterday, we didn’t get it, fourth-and-five, I think. We didn’t get it, but the
defense went three-and-out and caused a punt, and we got the ball back and we’re up around midfield.
It’s a confidence booster for the team ultimately. The fourth-and-one that sprung for the touchdown
was a beautiful thing, and we’re going to get opportunities like that. But at the same time, I think it does
show confidence in the rest of the team that it doesn’t matter what’s going to happen, the next unit’s
going to step up.”
(On noticing the change in the mindset of the team since taking over as head coach) “I think a little bit in
the offseason how the guys really embraced it as far as being here. It showed that they want to win and
they want to flip it. I’ve had guys during games come up and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to finish this game.
We’re going to do what’s right and we’re going to win this football game,’ or whatever it might be, and
you’re starting to see that. I think with them, it just takes a little bit of success for them to believe. But I
want them to believe first before we have success. I think that’s more important than seeing it than
believing it, and that’s what they’re doing. I think that started back a little bit in the offseason obviously
carried through training camp, and here in the first three weeks of the season, that’s what we’re seeing,
that’s what I’m seeing. That’s what’s encouraging is that they bought into that.”
(On the belief of the team after the Week 1 loss being the more important than the belief after the two
wins) “Yeah because you learn so much from losses, failures, not only in the game of football but in life.
You learn from them, and you move on. We’ve minimized penalties, we’ve created more turnovers,
we’ve done better on third down, still have to fix the red zone a little bit, but I think overall you’re seeing
the things that showed up in Week 1, we’ve been able to correct.
(On talking to the team about returning to Philadelphia) “I think that’s amongst them. My job is to
prepare the team to go play in a great environment against a really good football team that’s playing
extremely well right now. For us, it’s the next one on the schedule and it just so happens to be Philly. But
at the same time, it’s my job to prepare the guys this week and go play.”
(On RB James Robinson and RB Travis Etienne Jr. coming back from injuries) “You do, and same with
Travis, both those guys. But it’s pretty special and remarkable what both of those guys, but James in
particular, has done and gotten himself back in a position to help this football team. Two weeks in a row,
two long runs and touchdowns, and that’s special to see.”
(On RB James Robinson exceeding expectations coming back from injury) “You don’t know. There’s some
of that, but I think for us too, we saw what he [could do] when we got him in there in training camp
towards the end and what he was capable of doing. I think it sort of opened our eyes as a staff that this
is the guy we saw on tape a year ago. [We’ve been] watching him and evaluating him and just seeing
how, not only explosive, but tough of a runner he is.”
(On scoring after every successful fourth down thus far in the season) “I mean that’s the goal. I think it’s
good, and I think it gives confidence to the football team that we’re capable of doing that, to end up in
points. Of course, every drive you want to end in points, either a field goal, touchdown, but if you get one of those fourth downs and convert it, your success rate goes up and your chance of scoring also
goes up and that’s analytical numbers there and you have a little bit more success doing that.”


(On celebrating yesterday’s win) “Yeah, 24-hour rule. It’s been 24 hours now, right? I went through the
time change. We got a couple more hours but we’re already onto Philly, we’re watching them now and
getting ready for next week. We just can’t get too high; we can’t get too low. We just have to stay the
(On Head Coach Doug Pederson’s approach in attitude) “I mean, it was big this year. We know that the
NFL is so close, each game can be close, and it’s just the little things. We really focus on the little things
this year, and that’s what he really preached this whole offseason and into the season. It’s just the little
things and focusing on doing those things right.”
(On if this year’s team feels different than teams in the past) “Definitely. It definitely feels different. I
feel like we have a different kind of focus and motivation going into each week we’re looking forward to
each opponent. We’re coming in prepared each week different.”
(On the confidence from the locker room feeling different) “Definitely. I feel like each win we’re coming
away with we’re just growing in confidence each week. I’m excited to see what we’re going to do next
(On why this team and season feels different) “I would just say our preparation each week. We’re really
focusing on each key and we’re focusing on the little, small things that we see. It can be like a heel lift on
the center where we’re focusing on that this week. We’re just focusing on the little things and perfecting
those things.”
(On improvement of the offensive line throughout the season) “Oh, definitely. We’re battling each
Wednesday and Thursday, we’re going hard. I feel like what we’re doing is helping them as well, but
they’ve been tremendous. Did they even give up a sack? I don’t think they did this week. That’s a credit
to them, they’re really balling out there.”
(On competitiveness between defensive players with turnovers) “Yeah, it was definitely like that last
week. I wasn’t even on the board yet. All three of those guys ended up getting a sack last week and I
wasn’t even on the board, so I was definitely focused on getting on that board this week to accomplish
(On having the extra motivation defensively) “Definitely. It’s a race to the quarterback each time. With
Arden (DE Arden Key) out there, with Travon (OLB Travon Walker), with Josh (LB Josh Allen) it’s a race.
We’re just trying to get there as soon as we can because we know the next guy is going to be right
behind us.”

(On the advantage of being on the sideline due to long offensive drives) “It helps a lot for the defense.
The best thing we want to do is not be on the field. The best defense is not on the field. We’ve been
happy with the production of the offense and being able to keep us off the field for sure.”
(On what’s allowing big plays to happen) “We’re just thinking it every day. Like coach Sutton says, think
takeaways each day. Even before we wake up for breakfast, we’re thinking takeaways. Each day we’re
just trying to get our hand on it, we’re focused on punching out the ball or intercepting the ball. Each
day we’re just focusing on getting better and better with that, taking advantage of those opportunities.”
(On similarities between 2017 defense versus the 2022 defense) “I’d say our pass rush. We’re in the face
of the quarterback each time. We haven’t been able to capitalize and get those 11-sack games or 9-sack
games, but I feel like it’s coming. We’re working each day to just rush as one. I feel like that’s a big
(On the physicality of Wednesday and Thursday practices) “I would say Wednesday definitely is. We
have padded practice for like half the practice, but we’re going hard the whole time. We’re doing a team
run, we’re going hard each time we’re competing. I definitely feel like it’s been way more physical.”
(On how those physical practices have helped) “It’s helped a lot. I feel like each game we’re coming in
with a physical mindset. Each time we try to establish a new line of scrimmage, so it’s been helping us
(On if the physical practices are an adjustment) “I don’t think so. I feel like our preparation and recovery
have been a big thing. We’re focused on recovering and we have a lot of vet guys, we’re able to help out
the younger guys and get them on the regimen, too.”
(On how to build the defense after two successful weeks) “Just focusing on the things that we’ve started
with, which is stopping the run. That’s been our focus all week, stopping the run. Especially this week,
we know that it’s how their offense goes. We stop the run, then we can all have fun. That’s been the
(On upcoming challenge versus Eagles QB Jalen Hurts) “Yeah, he can get out of the pocket. We’ll really
have to focus on our rushing lands and be rushing as one unit this week.”
(On Head Coach Doug Pederson winning a Super Bowl with the Eagles) “Oh yeah, we know it’s a special
game for him and a bunch of other coaches as well, too. A lot of them were in Philly, too. It’s definitely
going to be a war and we’re ready for it.”
(On getting a win for Head Coach Doug Pederson) “Oh yeah. That’s the goal.”
(On strip sack versus big sack and big hit) “If I had to choose, strip sack. Getting the ball back for the
offense in field position, why not.”


(On the offensive line’s play) “I feel like we’ve just been gelling together well, just trying to get better
every week and keep doing great things and keep getting better.”
(On the cut down in penalties from Week One) “Yes (sign of good communication), but there’s definitely
still work to be done. I feel like we left some things out there on the field that we can get corrected, and
we’re just working on that and trying to get better each week, and Coach Phil (Offensive Line Coach Phil
Rauscher) has been doing a great job with us.”
(On why he is playing his best football now) “Everybody thinks the competition, and the competition
definitely helps, but also, my dad passed in January, so I’m trying to dedicate the season to my dad. Just
go out there trying to get better every week and help my team win games.”
(On how he times up silent counts on the road) “Just being on the road. I’ve got a different center this
year, so I’m trying to work it in practice, but to the naked eye, it can look like I’m false starting, but I’m
just timing it up to get off the same time the ball is being snapped. Playing tackle you have to get off the
ball with urgency. These edge rushers will come off the ball very fast, so as much as I can get off the ball
as fast as I can, I do it.”
(On how much the defensive ends complain to the officials about him appearing to false start) “It’s not
really the ends, it’s mainly the coaches. I even saw a video of Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks head coach)
last year when we were playing Seattle say something about it, but it’s not too bad. A ref may come up
to me and say ‘scoot up a little bit’ in my stance, but nothing about getting off the ball.”
(On the offensive line allowing zero sacks in the past two games) “That’s always our goal, to go out and
keep him protected so he can go out there and make great plays, so we take a lot of pride in that, and I
feel like we had a great week of preparation, and we’ve got another great defense this week. We’re just
trying to have great weeks of preparation every week and just hone in on our technique and get better.”
(On if the offensive line has confidence they can hold the defense back if they need more time to make a
play) “Most definitely. Any time we have to get a ball farther down the field we definitely have to
protect a little longer, and we know that, so we just game plan and do what we’ve got to do to get the
job done in order to just go through defenses and be able to attack them different ways.”
(On if they take more pride in a sack-free game or a long offensive drive) “Really, we’ve just been honing
in on our time of possession, and I feel like we’ve been doing good with our time of possession these
past two games. We’re just trying to control the line of scrimmage, control the front four, whoever
we’re going against, and I feel like we’ve been doing that pretty well.”
(On if the team has talked about Head Coach Doug Pederson’s history coaching with the Eagles) “Not
yet, but we heard that they had nine sacks this past game, so we’ve definitely got a big task ahead.”

(On having committed zero penalties this year) “Definitely an emphasis and just trying to hone in on
that, put more focus on that and must making sure that I’m staying penalty free.”
(On what it’s been like playing next to G Brandon Scherff this year) “It’s been amazing. He’s a great pro,
a great vet. He’s definitely big adding him to our room, and he’s been helping us a lot, not just me,
everybody in the room, and we love him to death, and we’ve been learning a lot from having somebody
like that in the room.”
(On what someone like G Brandon Scherff, with All-Pro recognition, can bring to the table) “He brings a
lot, and we all listen to him. He’s a great leader, and he’s been doing a phenomenal job with the O-line,
and not just the O-line but the whole team. Everybody’s been loving him.”
(On OL Cam Robinson taking on a more vocal role) “Oh yeah, Cam has definitely been taking the
leadership role, and he’s been doing a great job. We love him to death, too, and he’s been doing a great
job keeping the O-line together and just being a great leader overall.”
(On the feeling on plays like when RB James Robinson broke through and ran for a 50-yard touchdown)
“It feels good. They presented that front to us, and we’ve been working on it at practice this week, and
we felt like if we got that chance to run that play against that front, it would be a home run. I just looked
up, I blocked my guy and looked up and I saw James rolling down the field, so it was a great feeling.”

(On the front used in that play) “It was a six-man front, so we mainly wanted to use that play vs. a six-
man front, and we knew if we got that, it would be a good run. If not a house call then definitely a first down, because we’re just trying to convert, and it ended up being a home run shot, so it was good.”
(On how much of that play’s success was the blocking and how much was RB James Robinson) “It was
really just everybody collectively doing their job. Everybody had to get on a man. We know once James
gets through, he’s going to make a play. It was good.”
(On the confidence knowing how good RB James Robinson and RB Travis Etienne are at picking up on
blitzes) “Definitely. Not just the running backs but the tight ends also. They do a great job in the pass
protection. We know that they’re going to go out there and help us out a lot and help us keep Trevor
clean, so we have a lot of confidence in their ability.”
(On Coach Phil Rauscher screaming about t-shirts) “He has a saying about touchdown city, so every
week we’re trying to make it a touchdown city, everybody trying to score and everybody trying to get a
t-shirt. We had a lot of t-shirts made with the jaguar touchdown, like the screen and actual touchdown.
It’s crazy, but he had it printed on the t-shirts, and anytime you score, everybody gets a chance to win a
t-shirt. It’s like a gift. It’s like you wear the cutoff hoodie to practice, so the t-shirt is like the cutoff
hoodie he wears to practice. Everybody who is involved in that play, had an impact on that play. So, we
didn’t get enough t-shirts made, so once you get a t-shirt, you get a star added to it. It’s just a little joke