Jaguars Media Availability (1-23-23)


(On what it means to him that all the players who will be free agents want to come back and be part of
this team) “It means everything to us as a staff, an organization, that the guys want to be here. The
nature of our business though, you can’t resign them all. It’s unfortunate. It is a business. It’s a business
decision, but we hope to try to get as many of the guys back as we possibly can. That was my message to
the guys this morning. I met with the team and we’ll try to resign them all if we can because we want to
keep those core guys together who were a big part of our success this season. It’s a credit to those guys,
obviously they want to be here. We’ve established something this year that I think is sustainable, and
we’ve just got to build on it.”
(On the depth of the discussions he will have to have with General Manager Trent Baalke about next
year’s roster) “That’s the conversations we have to have, and they’re going to be tough decisions and
tough conversations. It’s hard to put a time frame on it. It could be a day, it could be a couple days.
We’re going to do the best for the Jags and making sure that we have the right people here. A lot of the
guys that are free agents, they’re the right type of guys that we want, and we hope to at least make an
impact in trying to resign our own.”
(On how big it is for QB Trevor Lawrence to be going into an offseason knowing what to expect) “It’s
huge. It’s the same thing I’ve been telling the players this morning, the ones I’ve seen, especially the
guys that are going to be back, there’s familiarity. When the offseason program starts, they know
exactly what to expect. They know what to expect during OTAs. They know what to expect during
training camp. They know the offense, the defense, they know special teams. For Trevor, it’s everything.
There’s continuity. There’s consistency. He knows the guys he’s going to be throwing the ball to. He
knows the coaching staff that’s going to be coaching him. That’s big for us, from year one to year two.
Those are the jumps that teams make usually year one to year two, possibly into year three, but for our
quarterback who had a great year this year, he’ll only get better having that consistency around him.”
(On where QB Trevor Lawrence’s deeper understanding of the offense will manifest itself in year two)
“Just knowing it, having gone through it. Now our job as a staff this spring is really to refine it. We want
his input in that. Whatever he suggests, we’ve got to listen to that and really come up with a plan as we
move forward with the offense. Obviously, he’s a big part of it. That’s the exciting part, I think, as a staff,
to go back through and watch. Last year, we were watching all kinds off offenses. We were watching
Philly stuff, we were watching Colts stuff, all kinds of stuff trying to put our system together but now its
ours and we want his input on that.”
(On Defensive Coordinator Mike Caldwell’s first year as a coordinator) “I thought honestly first time
coordinator, he really improved as the season went along. One of the things I thought we did a nice job
with our personnel on defense, we kind of figured out where certain guys played and kept them in their
spots, and they blossomed from there. Darious Williams (CB) is one of those guys, moving him back out
to corner really helped us there. Of course Tre Herndon (CB) going back in at nickel was big for us back

half of the season. For Mike, it’s the same thing. He’s like one of those first-year players. He’s going to
learn from this season, he’s going to grow from it. He’s going to be better. Now he has a year of defense
under his belt that he can go back and refine and retool. Now obviously, is not the time to really figure
out your roster because we have time, but it’s more about the scheme and what we were doing.
Knowing the guys that are going to be back, the guys that are under contract, did we do the best? Did
we put them in positions to help us on defense. That’s all a positive.”
(On if the defense was performing according to the scheme in the last several weeks) “Yeah, I thought
really after we started getting into that Baltimore week and beyond, I thought we really started doing
some really good things. We started creating takeaways. It’s just down here in the stretch, you get down
here in the post season, we didn’t get the ball, didn’t take the ball away as much as we’d like to, and
that’s something we’ve got to look at, and continue to focus on, but they showed that improvement
over that time.”
(On what the players know now about playoff football that they may not have known before they
played these games) “Just the sense of urgency of everything, how important every play is in the
postseason. There is no next week. If this was a Week 3 or 4 game, you’ve got 12 or 13 games left. You
can make the corrections. I think the suddenness, the importance of each play mentality, the sense of
urgency are all things that our team experienced with these two playoff games.”
(On how much he talks to the guys about how to handle the offseason) “It’s important how we message
the team in the offseason. Obviously our rookies, the Travon Walkers (OLB), our rookie class, guys first
time players, they finally get an offseason to kind of relax and get away then begin their training process
again, so it will be really good for them this offseason. For everybody else that’s kind of been through
this season, there’s some veteran players that’ve never been to the postseason. There’s even some
second and third year guys that have never been to the postseason, so how they handle these next
couple of months is critical to their performance, their success, then when we start the offseason
program mid-April again, just where they are mentally with starting another season, but it’s truly a reset
at this point.”
(On the growth he has seen from OLB Travon Walker this year and what he would like to see him
develop) “Everything that we saw in him in the draft process, we’re so thankful that we drafted him,
he’s a part of our football team. I just met with him a few minutes ago, and he’s excited for this
offseason. He’s excited for his future. He understands he can get better and he can help us in different
ways. He wants to take that next step in a leadership role, and I think that’s important for him to do.
That’s the next step, to be a dominant edge rusher and even an interior rusher. We just find ways to
utilize his strengths, and when he comes back, he’ll be ready to go and eager to get back out on the
(On if he can feel accomplished without getting to the Super Bowl) “I think for us this season, I think
there is a sense of accomplishment for everything this team has gone through over the last year and a
half. To go from one of the worst teams record-wise a year ago to winning a playoff game this year,
there is a sense of accomplishment. It’s just a credit to these guys to have the, it all starts in the
offseason, and it starts with adding the players that we added here in the offseason to build the
foundation, to start there and just keep building upon that. It wasn’t a pretty season, by any means. We
had that stretch in there that was pretty rough on us. Every guy in there right now, they all had a belief
that we could accomplish our goals, and they never wavered from that. It’s a credit to them for kind of
sticking to it. It really is something to build upon with the accomplishments that we did this year.”

(On if he feels more love here in Jacksonville right now than in Philly when he won the Super Bowl) “It’s
pretty good obviously. Our goal is to get to that game, ultimately. The guys are in a good frame of mind.
They’re disappointed that the season is over, it’s final, but they’re also looking forward to the future and
what we can do.”
(On how close he feels the team is to having the core players to get a Super Bowl) “We’re close. We’re
close. I think the leadership is right, I think the core guys that we have are right. Listen, it just boils down
to continuing to work hard. Just trusting in each other and there’s consistency with the staff, there’s
consistency with the players. You look at some of these teams now that are still playing and that’s what
they’ve had. Cincinnati right now, they struggled early on, but these last couple of years, they’ve turned
that corner. Kansas City is the same way, you look at the Eagles, you look at the Niners, these are teams
that have been established for a while. These players have been around each other for a while. That’s
what it takes. It takes that continuity and consistency; we’re just at the beginning phase of that.”
(On thoughts towards players like TE Evan Engram betting on themselves) “I told Evan again this
morning how much I appreciated him, and he could’ve gone anywhere as a free agent; he chose to
come here. Even on a one-year deal, what he did this year, I just saw the joy in his eyes talking to him
again this morning. He’s a big part of our success. We hope to possibly get him back here, we’d love to
have him back. He knows how we feel, we know how he feels, and hopefully it gets worked out. Just
knowing who he is now and really what he did for us this year, it means a lot to the team and the
success that he had.”
(On QB Trevor Lawrence making a pitch for some of the players not on contract) “We know how Trevor
feels with these guys. We probably don’t have to talk to him too much about some of them.”
(On evaluation of the offensive line for next season) “I like where the offensive line is. I know where
Jawaan [OL Jawaan Taylor] is this year, but he played outstanding football for us and he’s another one
that we hope to tie up if we can. Having somebody like Walker Little [OL Walker Little] to be able to step
in and do the things he did, you see the importance of having that third tackle. Really, the guy that can
fill in at guard if needed to. Walker has been that guy. Obviously, Cam [OL Cam Robinson] we’re excited
to get him back at some point this year and get him rolling again. We get Ben Bartch [OL Ben Bartch]
back in the mix. There’s excitement with that group. The focus is to get them healthy and get Brandon
[OL Brandon Scherff] healthy, Luke [OL Luke Fortner] healthy, this is that time. Excited where the
offensive line is, I know we’ve got some things to work out this spring but feel really good about those
(On the importance of keeping the offensive line fortified) It’s important; it’s important to us that we
make every effort to get guys back. We know what J.T. [OL Jawaan Taylor] is and what he means to this
team and organization. We’d love to be able to get that done. He knows that, and sometimes they’re
business decisions that are out of our control. It is important to let them know that we want them all
back, and we will try to make every effort to do that.”
(On evaluation of OL Luke Fortner and LB Devin Lloyd) “I thought Luke, starting with him, really for both
guys, it’s a tall order from the standpoint of being able to come in here and start as rookies. Especially
Luke, with the amount of information and communication that takes place as a center. He is only going
to get better and I’m really comfortable with him, it’s the reason why we drafted him, because he
played that way for us. Excited for his future moving forward. Devin is the same way, you saw flashes of
it early. Had a little bit of a low there. It’s different, in college he was an outside backer type, on the ball

linebacker, where we’re asking him to play off the ball, it’s a different game. There’s some
communication there. I thought the time there midseason where Chad [LB Chad Muma] went in and
played a couple of games there. I thought that really helped him, because when he came back, things
began to slow down. He started to understand things a little bit more. He’s only going to improve. Again,
having an offseason to rest and heal and then come back understanding his role and what we’re asking
him to do, the scheme on defense, I just see nothing but brighter skies for him.”
(On timing of WR Calvin Ridley’s arrival) “We can’t send him anything. Technically, after today, by the
CBA and everything in this dark period where we can’t do football with anybody outside of just reaching
out and seeing how they’re doing and how their offseason is going. Once he is cleared, we can make
those contacts. Football wise, it wouldn’t be until April 17th when we come back for the offseason
(On if there’s belief of WR Calvin Ridley being cleared) “We feel that way, we feel strongly that way,
obviously. It’ll be after the Super Bowl I think before we know.”
(On if they had enough vertical passing options this season) “I did, I did. You can always take more
opportunities, too. We probably didn’t do that as a play caller, you can always call more up or dial more
up. I thought that some of the opportunities we had, yeah, it’s area that we can improve, we had a big
one the other night that just went through Christian’s [WR Christian Kirk] hands, and stuff like that.
Those are all areas, too, that you kind of have to pick your spots when you do it. I like the guys and feel
like we have the right guys to be able to stretch the field that way.”
(On RB Travis Etienne Jr.’s performance this season) “I thought Travis, coming off the injury off the foot,
putting the year together with the yards and everything. He ran tough, he’s a physical guy. I really liked
where he was at, he catches the ball well, all that. He did some great things there. I think this will be a
good offseason now, because he won’t have to rehab as much and all that. He can kind of just focus on
getting better as a football player. There are always ways to improve and as we look at it this spring as a
staff, we will put a list of objectives for each player moving forward that we will send to the guys.
Especially when they get back here in the offseason program to really work on, but I really like what he
did for us this year.”
(On what his second-year coaching QB Trevor Lawrence will look like next year) “Yeah, I mean, one of
the things I think we can improve as an offense is just the actual throwing and catching of the football. I
just felt like there were times this year when we just missed on a couple of things and that just comes
from working together. That’s the jump that you talk about from year one to year two. This past
offseason, a year ago, it was all about every day it was a new day. We were putting something new in
and we weren’t going back and really catching up on things we put in two days ago. This offseason it’s
going to be about just picking up where we left off and moving forward. That’s a big jump right there,
and just getting better with route discipline, route detail, and then Trevor just understanding where the
guys are, delivering the football, being accurate in certain situations. We can improve in the red zone;
we can improve on third down. These are all areas we’re going to focus on this spring, but that’s where
you’re going to see the biggest jump, just the pitching and catching between quarterback and skill
(On CB Darious Williams playing outside cornerback next season) “Yeah, I think so. I think so. I think it’s a
natural spot for him. He did a great job when we put him back out there, he did a great job when he was
in the nickel. I think we’re a better team with him on the perimeter.”

(On feelings of being back in coaching) “This has been great for me. Kind of re-energized, this is a great
group. It’s fun to coach younger players. A good, young group that’s eager and energetic and just wants
to win. That’s the biggest thing with this group, back in February when I was here, the ones I met, they
just wanted to win. They work hard, that’s where I can appreciate them. It’s fun, it was fun to come to
work every day and be around the staff and be around the guys and looking forward to year two.”
(On having confidence because of a young team) “It does. There are some factors that go into that.
Injuries and all that play a big part in our success throughout the year. Yeah, you feel like your window
of opportunity is now, strike while the iron is hot so to speak. We’ve got to take advantage of that with
the guys we have, with the free agent process, with the draft process coming up and just we got to hit
on all those benchmarks and continue to improve the team.”


(On what he knows about playoff football now that he may not have before) “That’s where you want to
be at the end of the season. I already knew that, but it was a great experience. Having that home game
here was really, really cool, being able to win that game and obviously a great environment in Kansas
City and just that hunger that’s left after coming up short, I think everybody feels that. Really excited
moving forward, and like we said after the game, what we said today is we’ve set a new standard and
we’re not going to settle for anything less. There’s more out there for us, and we’re just excited to get
that opportunity again. Everybody needs some time now. Obviously the offseason is big just to rest, to
recover. There are a lot of guys that are banged up. We’re excited for what’s to come in the future. It’s
going to be fun.”
(On how much better it will be going into this offseason knowing what to expect) “It feels good, just the
foundation that we have here, that we set this season and last offseason, knowing that I’m going to be
in the same system, all those things moving forward, I’m really excited to have that experience and have
all this tape to learn from and so many things. As many things that we did good this year, there’s a lot of
things that we can do better and just the improvements that we can make. That’s really exciting moving
forward that I don’t have to have a new offense and just have that stability. It’s really exciting for myself,
for all our guys on offense. It’s really exciting.”
(On what it was like to have a winning feeling again after last year) “It was great. I think it’s just a
testament to this team and the belief and the mindset that we’ve built here. It wasn’t easy. We went
through some rough patches this season, and I think it’s just a testament to the amount of work that we
put in and the belief that we had until the very end. It’s really cool to be a part of that and have that be
part of your culture moving forward, I think that speaks volumes to who we’re going to be. We were
battle tested. Same thing going into next year, we’ll have that confidence and that belief and just excited
to build on that.”
(On if he will use his voice to speak about keeping some of the key free agent players) “One hundred
percent. There’s conversations obviously, that need to be had. I think you look at what we did this
season, it’s about the people that we have, not just the people on the field, not just the players on the
field, but the people, too. I think you look at those two guys (TE Evan Engram and OL Jawaan Taylor) and
many other guys on our team and really what they brought to this team besides just being great players.
The people they were, the hard work, all the things that people don’t see always, there’s a lot of things
that go into that. You want to keep guys like that that really have set the standard for the organization
and have been a part of what you’re building here, and I think moving forward, that’s one of the things
you have to look at in the guys you want to have.”
(On having stability at the wide receiver position going into the offseason) “It’s exciting just to look at
what we did in year one, obviously first year playing together, learning a new system for all of us and all
the moving parts. I don’t think we even really clicked fully until halfway through the season, so just to
look at that and the amount of growth we had in one year, just the jump that we’ll be able to make from

year one to two is really exciting, and obviously, it’s going to take a lot of work. It’s the same thing that
we did last year to prepare ourselves for this year, we’ve got to do that in the offseason and get
together, and we will after we take a little bit of time and really rest and get our minds right and get
ready to make a run. It’s exciting knowing that we’ll have those guys back plus some others and just
what we can build here.”
(On if there was a jump for him personally) “One hundred percent. I think you look at what we did this
season, and I can speak kind of for the whole offense, we didn’t really hit our stride until later in the
season, and there’s a lot more out there for us, and even this past week we left a lot on the table.
There’s a lot of things that we can do better, that I can do better. I know that I still for sure have my best
football in front of me. That’s the exciting thing, is all the things that we accomplished and have left on
the table. You look at whether it’s the one-score losses that we had earlier in the season of some of the
offensive performances that weren’t up to our standards throughout the year, clean up some of those
and play better week in and week out, play more consistently, and there’s a lot more for us.”
(On when he reaches out to incoming WR Calvin Ridley) “I haven’t really thought about that particularly,
just still kind of soaking in the season and the game and reflecting on all that. I’ve talked to him, when
we picked him up a few months ago, but beyond that of when we’ll actually meet and start working out
and all that stuff, I’m not sure what that looks like. Really excited that he’s going to be a part of this
team, this offense, moving forward. That’s exciting just to add to the talent and the guys that we already
have. I’m sure that will happen in the near future. We’ll work that out, but right now you’re kind of just
soaking in this season. It’s a long year. We went through a lot and trying to kind of take it all in and learn
from it and move forward.”
(On comfortability of promoting keeping certain players) “Obviously, there are guys that you want here.
Part of what we did this year, a huge part of that is the people that we had, the mindset that we built,
and the tight knit group we have. That’s what it’s about. You’ve got to have guys that know each other,
that played together, that are all on the same page and we built that. You want to do everything you can
to keep all the guys you can and the foundation that you have. That’s a big part of those guys being
here. There’s a lot of things that go into that and decisions that I don’t make. Everything that is done is
what’s best for the organization, I understand that. There’s a lot of things that go into it, obviously, but
as far as I’m concerned, you got to keep your guys that helped get you here.”
(On goals of keeping the culture to return next year) “Yeah, I mean I can’t speak on that, it’s not my
decision to make of what they decide to do for their future and ultimately, what the team decides to do.
Obviously, my opinion will be voiced and those are private conversations. I’m excited just to have those
guys back hopefully, and all the guys that we can get back. I think it’s cool that we’ve had a lot of guys
that have been to different places that have experienced different cultures and seasons, and maybe not
so good seasons and cultures. I think we all know what it feels like now to be a part of something special
and moving forward have something we can build on and I think we all see the trajectory of where this
organization is headed. I know I feel super excited to be a part of it and I think a lot of guys are.”
(On if the coaching staff has taught him how to approach the offseason differently from last year) “I
mean, in the offseason, the staff wasn’t really in place at this point last year, so it’s a little bit different
timing wise of just going into this time off and then start preparing, working out, getting back in shape,
all that stuff for the offseason program. That wasn’t really there last year because I think it was later in
February when everything kind of got put together. On that front, not necessarily, but I’m just excited
that we have a good plan moving forward. I’m going to talk with the coaches this week and weeks

moving forward. Like I said, we’ll take some time, but then when we do get back together, things that I
want to work on. Things that I’ll be thinking about. We got a whole season of tape to watch and there’s
already thoughts and conversations that we’ve had during the season of things we might want to
change or implement this next offseason. We’ll have a lot of stuff that we will be able to do and that’ll
be the cool part, is building on what we have because now we have a full year of tape and experience to
learn from.”
(On if he’s feeling healthy) “I feel pretty good, as far as playing 19 games, I can’t really complain.
Obviously, a little sore from the game, but nothing serious. Get myself and my body some time to rest
and I’ll be good in a few weeks.”
(On if he takes a few weeks off or gets back to football right away) “Yeah, I mean I have to talk to my
trainer here and we’re going to figure it out. When you’re in the postseason, everything is kind of on
pause. You’re planning like you’re going to be in the Super Bowl and then it comes to such a sudden
stop, you got to make your plan. I don’t know exactly how long I’m going to take off, I’ll probably start
working out in a few weeks. I don’t know about throwing, that might be a month or so. Just to take a
break and give my arm a rest. As far as staying in shape, I’ll take a couple weeks of not doing anything
and let my body rest and just be a normal human for a couple weeks. Then, get back into working out,
getting back in shape, and preparing myself for next year.”
(On the game against Kansas City showing development as a team) “Yeah, it’s hard and it’s frustrating to
think about. We’re there, even with that, when we want to talk about the future, it’s frustrating because
we have still had everything we needed and every opportunity to win that game, but we didn’t. We
didn’t get it done and that’s what eats at you a little bit. We’ll let that fuel us for next year and you
remember that feeling, you use it moving forward. We’re there and just to think about the experience
and all the work that we have in this offseason moving forward. We’re just going to get better and
better and those are the teams you got to beat if you want to get to where we want to go. You’re going
to have to go through all those teams. You look at Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Buffalo and there’s going
to be other great teams next year, too. Those are the teams you got to beat that are going to be good
moving forward. That’s where we want to be; that’s the standard. Kansas City in their fifth straight AFC
Championship and that’s where you want to be.”
(On if there will be a trophy for the ping pong champion) “We should. We should for C.J. [quarterback
C.J. Beathard]. We talked about making him a plaque or something. Hopefully my guy C.J. is back, too, so
we’ll have a lot more ping pong playing moving forward.”


(On the difference between NFL playoff games and regular season games) “I would say starting in the
regular season and not having a lot of fans in the stands. Obviously winning some games and then
making it to the playoffs and then winning a round. It really just shows how things can go in the season.
It’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish. Becoming the team that we want to become, it
really means a lot going down the road. We need those fans, we need that type of energy in the
stadium. That’s what we’re trying to get to, the Super Bowl at the end.
(On what he wants to work on in the offseason) “The biggest thing I want to work on this offseason is
just being able to switch it up within the game, just like veteran offensive linemen did to me this year.
(On what he is most proud of this year) “ It’s not about how we started, it’s about how we finished. How
the team came together as a group collectively to get things done. Our main goal at the end of the day
should be to win a Super Bowl.”
(On how he would evaluate his progression as a pass rusher and if he sees himself moving to an inside
defensive lineman) “I definitely want to still play my same role. It was a growing year. This year was
basically just getting a feel for things. There’s plenty more to come. I will definitely still be rushing the
passer for sure, just at a different level next year.
(On his confidence level now and if he can be a dominant player) “I always knew I could be a dominant
player without question. It’s just a fact of me knowing the ins and outs of football. You really have to
know the game of football once you are playing against such savvy guys and a lot of these veterans.
(On if some of the nuances of the game surprised him) “I always knew that it wasn’t just talent that
players went off of. You really have to know the game of football. It all goes from the little small inches
to little mental things you have to go through within the game of football that you have to take in and
(On if he feels like the team with another year of growth can win a Super Bowl) “I feel like we have
everything we need here already. Of course, there is going to be some people added and some people
that won’t be here as well. I feel like this year Doug (Head Coach Doug Pederson) and Trent (General
Manager Trent Baalke) brought together a team that really has all the potential in the world to definitely
be Super Bowl contenders.
(On if playoff football is a faster game) “I wouldn’t say it’s faster but you just have to be smarter. You
can’t make as many mistakes as you would per se. You have to be as perfect as possible.”
(On how long the year was coming from college to the NFL) “I would definitely say I’m tired but it didn’t
seem like it was long. It was definitely a long year but it definitely didn’t seem like it was long. I’m the

type of person where everything I go through, I like to take in that moment. Like now, I just like to look
back on the things I went through. With all the things I went through, it made it go by fast.
(On who is going to work with in the offseason) “Not to say I won’t go there, but I’m big on just staying
on myself. Getting my work on my own, doing what I need to do. I do need some of that as far as a
mental standpoint, just being around other players and picking their brains on some of the things they
know. I’m focused on me. I know what I need to get better. My trainer that I have been training with my
whole like, he knows my body as well. I feel like that’s best for me.
(On if he has any offseason plans) “ Right now, I am not even focused on ball right now. I won’t even
focus on ball until after the Super Bowl.


(On where this team is right now going into the 2023 season) “I think everybody should be in the right
mind space going into this offseason, ready to do this again, plus more. I think that’s the mindset going
into this offseason is how well can we come back to the same shape but better. It’s going to take a little
bit more to get to where we need to get to next year. I love this team, I love the coaching staff, I just love
the vibe we have here, and I just want to get better and improve each week.”
(On how much more comfortable it is for him going into a year without so many changes) “Consistency I
think is the best thing. We’re a young team, and I think we’re just going to get even younger, but we’re
going to get more talented. We’ve got a coaching staff that kind of got a core built for us. We can have a
foundation on that, and we can just come in ready to play. I think the more consistent we are, the better
we are going to be as a team, and I’m excited for that.”
(On not having to learn a new system) “That’s what I’m saying, keeping the core. I think if we continue to
do that, I think we can go really far this year.”
(On where he sees the young players continue to progress and develop) “I remember coming into my first
year, winning six games, and just being like, ‘Man, this isn’t, it’s not a good season.’ Then going into the
next year, we can get better, we can get better. So for them, to come into their first year and go to the
second round of the playoffs is a tremendous feat because there’s guys that have been in the league so
long that have never been to the playoffs. So to be in their first year, I think that should be motivation
enough to, ‘I got to get better,’ self-reflecting on themselves to get better. We all have to, but I know
those three [LB Chad Muma, LB Devin Lloyd, OLB Travon Walker] are going to come back something
(On his contract) “Business side is to get my body back right, spend time with my family and really enjoy
this offseason and get back stronger next year.”
(On if there have been any conversations about a contract extension) “No. Not for right now.”
(On how much progress he saw from the defense this year) “I think we had a little three-game stretch
starting back with Tennessee. I think the sense of urgency picked up tremendously because we needed it
to, so to have that approach going into the season next year early is going to be crucial for us, but I love
what we have. I love that we never waver. I love that we never quit on anybody, never quit on each other.
We just saw we could improve, and we improved. We didn’t get the takeaways we wanted to the last
couple weeks, and it goes back to when we won those games, we did what we needed to do as a defense.
We did stop the run, pressure the quarterback, create takeaways. We do those three things, we win
games. We didn’t do those things as well, and the outcome was the outcome. Really coming back another
year of the scheme and knowing what we need to do against offenses that we’re going to play this year,
but next year is going to help out a lot. I’m excited for us. I’m excited for the offense. I’m excited for the

special teams. Shoutout to Logan Cooke because I think he’s been the best punter all year, and I think he
deserves to be All-Pro.”

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