Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone

Friday, September 6, 2019

(On who will start at left tackle) “Well, you guys saw it.  You guys were out there. Will Richardson [Jr.] will play left tackle.”

(On his comfort level with Will Richardson Jr.) “Very high.”

(On how much Richardson Jr. worked at tackle during the preseason) “We worked a little bit. And then what happened is we were going to get them all out there working tackle, and then he started really playing well and he was competing for the right guard spot, so we kind of nixed that. We had him competing for right guard and now we have him playing tackle.”

(On who Richardson’s backup will be at left tackle for Sunday’s game) “I’d say let’s just take it one step at a time and not be so – don’t jinx us. We’re down to our third.”

(On what happened to Cam Robinson) “It was his other knee. He was just setting a pass protection, he wasn’t engaged, and the right knee just gave out. That’s it”

(On if Richardson received an MRI or test) “Yeah, but that’s the doctor’s stuff. I don’t know that shit.”

(On if it’s possible that Robinson will be ready to play in a few weeks) “You know what I’ve learned around here? I just take things day-by-day. And the guys that can play, play, and the guy’s that can’t, they just tell me. What else am I going to do? I’m not a doctor. I can’t predict anything. I have no clue whatsoever.”

(On if it feels similar to 2018 because of the injuries) “We’ll see when we start playing. I think we’re in better shape to be honest with you.”

(On how the temperature for Sunday’s game impacts Kansas City’s game planning) “I’m sure they’re used to it. They’re pros. They know what they’re doing. I’m more concerned about our team. We have Will playing left tackle.”

(On if they plan on bringing back Josh Wells) “That’s a question for [Executive Vice President of Football Operations] Tom [Coughlin] or [General Manager] Dave [Caldwell]. I’m getting ready to play a game on Sunday. I’m not looking to bring anybody in right now. I have a lot of other stuff going on right now.”

(On if the practice today changed due to missing Wednesday’s practice) “No.”

(On his concern level with Marcell Dareus being listed as questionable to play) “I don’t know. Dontavius [Russell] will be ready, and we’ll be ready to go. That’s the one thing I’ve learned here, different than a lot of other places I’ve been. You never know who’s going to be available and if they’re available they play, and if they’re not then they don’t play.”

(On if he’s stressed due to injuries occurring even with a smarter approach to practice) “No. I think after all of the stuff that I’ve been through with all this stuff, I’m used to it. Just dealing with it, just go. And the players are used to it, and we have guys stepping up. This is a great opportunity for Will [Richardson Jr.] and if Dontavius [Russell] gets in there, that’s a great opportunity for him. We have guys that’ll be playing that weren’t with us all OTAs and camp, so it’s a great opportunity for those guys. Working on our cadences and stuff still going into the first game, so it is what it is and I’m excited. I want to see this team go play now.”

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