Jacksonville Jaguars Transcripts 12.31.21




(Opening statement) “I just want to congratulate Tony Boselli, a former Jaguar. He is a finalist for the Hall  of Fame. That is really exciting news for the Jaguars and Jaguars fans. We are happy for him and  congratulations to him.” 

(On if there has been any conversation about the game being moved to another date) “I have not heard  anything. All the communication is that the game is on.” 

(On if there is a chance that the Jaguars activate any offensive linemen prior to Sunday) “We have until  tomorrow at 4 p.m. to get those guys activated if they are going to be able to come up. Really, they are  still day-to-day, so we are going to take it all the way to the end with those guys.” 

(On if there is any thought to not playing QB Trevor Lawrence this weekend) “There is not [any thought].” (On if QB Trevor Lawrence will definitely play) “Yes.” 

(On his comfort level with OL Walker Little starting) “I am really excited for Walker Little. You go back to  the Bills game where he got [notified] 10 minutes before the game [that he was playing] and he was able  to go in there and play really well for us. I do not expect anything less. He has had the whole week to  prepare and he knows now that he is going to be in there. He has practiced at this spot, so I’m really  excited for him. I think he’ll do great.” 

(On how an extra plane to take players coming off the Reserve/COVID-19 list would work) “The Tuesday  guys that are eligible to play on Sunday – first of all, they have to pass all the protocols to get [cleared]. If  they do, we do have a plane ready for them to fly out early on Sunday morning. Damien [Wilson] was one  of those guys, but he is already back. He already had the negative test that he needs. He won’t have to be  on that [Sunday morning] plane. We just have to have it on standby to get those guys there if we need  to.”