Jacksonville Jaguars Transcripts 11/24



(On being fully off work tomorrow) “Uhm It depends on how well we do tonight and our preparations  tonight, so we will see.” 

(On how rare it is to have Thanksgiving off) “I have not had this schedule yet [and] I am looking forward  to it. If I can make it happen tonight with our red zone [offense] and getting that put to bed, then it  could be a great day tomorrow. It would be fun to have that.” 

(On what you can do in the last seven games to get more creative on offense) “I mean obviously we  have to move the ball, score points and all of those things. It looks creative when you’re moving down  the field and scoring points, right? So that is our biggest deal right now. I felt like early in the year we were kind of on an upward trajectory and I thought that we were improving each and every week, but I  think we have kind of leveled off or even taken a step back. The guys – we have great guys and they are  working their tails off to get better. We are trying to be creative with the things that we are asking them  to do and put guys in positions to be successful and we will continue to work that way.” 

(On still having more offense plays and concepts to display this late in the season) “Yeah, I mean there  are still things that you can do – for sure. We are always looking to add things to the offense and really  what we add is you know what can help a player, you know a certain player be successful. We look for  plays – how do we get [Jamal] Agnew the ball, how do we get Twolive [Laviska Shenault Jr.], how do we  

get Dan [Arnold] the ball? You know all those types of things, we look at other teams, we look at [other  teams] – you know we have a lot of experience on our staff as well and [ask each other] you know what  have you done to do this? We look for that every week, sometimes it does not fit for the specific week  or specific scheme, but you know we are always looking.” 

(On filling the void of WR Jamal Agnew) “Yeah, I mean that is a tough break for us. You know we love  [Jamal] Ag[new]. We are grateful that he is going to be able to come back from it and be able to regain  his health, but it is a big hole. He was the explosive part of the offense and we could do little things with  him. Other guys have to step up and that is always the case in the NFL. We will find those guys [and] we  will put people in different places and try to move the ball that way.” 

(On WR Jaydon Mickens playing this Sunday) “I know he will probably be returning punts – for sure, that  kind of thing. It remains to be seen how fast we can get him up to speed. I mean our guys have done a  great job in the past of getting guys ready. This is a real short notice; you know already probably three  quarters of the game plan is already in. There will be enough that if we had to go to him, then he could  get in but from there everything else will be a bonus.”

(On QB Trevor Lawrence’s performance on Sunday and if he had a solid game) “Yeah, I did. You know I think he is getting better. Last week was a good game for him and I like some of the things that he is  doing. Using his legs and you can see him getting through some of his progressions. All of us have to  help kind of lift him as well. You know he can not do it by himself, but neither can anyone else. It takes  11 guys working together.” 

(On zero targets for TE Dan Arnold) “Well I mean there is plays in there [the playbook] that are designed  to go to him and the defense ends up either covering it or we continue to move on through our  progression. That is on me, I have to make sure that we continue to get him in there and you know make  sure the ball is going in his direction.” 

(On using more bootleg passes with QB Trevor Lawrence) “Well, I think there needs to be a marriage  between the run and the pass. When you are running – most of the time they are coming off your run  game. The score needs to be in the balance, so to speak. All of the sudden, if you are run faking and your  down 20 points then the defense plays it different, really need that blend number one. Then defenses  [and] how they play. That is one of the first things you look at, you know how can you get the  quarterback on the edge, what type of technique are the defensive ends. Are they wide players, are they  up the field players, are they closed players and those kinds of things? Sometimes they are harder than  other weeks to be able to find them. A 4-3 defense is a little bit easier than a 3-4 defense and all of  those things come into play. Trevor is really good on the run [and] it is one of the best things that he  does. We are always looking for ways to do that for him.” 

(On if injuries is the reason for lack of points and how to score more often) “Yeah, I am not ever going to  blame it on injuries. You know we all have to do better. There is all kinds of things that go into that. I  mean our execution has not been very good. You know whatever you want to say – play calling. Just all  of it works together and a play can look brilliant if we execute it you know a bad play if we execute it to  perfect then it can be good. I could have a good call and we do not execute it, it does not matter. All of  that works together and we are continuing to try to head in that direction.” 

(On finding a balance between protecting the QB and using RPO’s) “Yeah, for me the biggest [things is]  and this goes back to Russell [Wilson]. We were never trying to put the quarterback in harm’s way and  there is different things – I call them the free yards. When you are reading it, you have free yards, go  take the free yards. We are not asking him to be a runner, we are not asking him to take all these big  hits, but then also the bootleg game and all of those things kind of come off of it and keeping the  defense off balance. A drop back, I do not feel like you can sit back and drop back 20 times in a row  because the defenses pins their ears back so then you have to mix a run in. Well, if you can mix a run in  then you can mix a bootleg in and make the launch point and the actions harder on the defense then  just doing one thing. If we run sprint out all the time or boot leg all the time then they will be all over it  so you kind of have to keep moving it around.”

(On a report about the coaching staff having disagreements about QB Trevor Lawrence’s development)  “Definitely not, his development is still continuing. I mean he is a rookie quarterback so there is a lot to  learn. The NFL is way different than college in terms of just how you play offensive football, so I think  Trevor [Lawrence] is doing a great job of continuing to get better each and every week. Everything that  he does is a learning experience. I have been in here before, right from being under center, to calling a  cadence, to calling a play in the huddle, that is where we started and to see where he is now with  protection and signaling routes and he has come miles. I am proud of where he is at, do we want him to  get better? Absolutely, does everyone else around him need to get better? Absolutely, including myself  and including all the coaches. We all have to be better to help all of us.” 

(On how difficult it has been not having RB James Robinson) “James is a fighter. He has been fighting  through you know the heel [and] the knee. Once your lower leg, you have an injury. He is fighting  through it and he has made a couple great runs for us. You know, he will continue to rehab and work his  way back. In the meantime he will be in there and then you have to spell him with Carlos [Hyde] and  other guys that we are using. Whether we hand one to Twolive [Laviska Shenault] or hand it to [Jamal]  Agnew, you know those things and just keep trying to move it around to move the ball.” 

(On the gameplan changing when your down 17-0) “Yeah, I mean we had four plays. The first drive did  not go the way we wanted it and the second drive, you know we were going to start to move the ball  and then we go one play and we fumble it. You can not ever do those things; it puts the defense in a  hole and then now you get the ball back four plays into the game and it is already 17 points down. You  can not just totally scrap it [the playbook] that early. I think that second or third drive we had a nice  drive and got it down and then we jump offsides and kind of kill our own selves when we are in the red  area. Those things we have to cut out but if we would have punched it in right there or got a field goal  then you still feel like you are in the game and can play it normal, but then it kept going from there.  When the points get out of whack it does change a little bit of the things you want to do.” 

(On it being brutal to have to wait through a long drive) “Terrible waiting number one and then terrible  to go three and out and put your defense back out there after they have been through what they had  been through. The defense was fighting and they end up going 19 plays or something. That is a lot of  plays for them to be on the field. Our job is to give them a rest and to go three plays and out and then  one play and out, it is bad for the complimentary football to help the football team and we have to be  better.” 

(On whether the offensives have had disagreements or if there is friction) “Correct, I do not think we  have ever had or gotten to the point of friction or where guys are arguing about what the game plan is.  Just the way I work it in the offensive room, we have lead coaches that have certain areas of the  gameplan, so their kind of the expert of that game plan and then they present what they see. Say it is  third down, you know they kind of come in and say here is what we have done on third down, here is  what they are doing, here is what I suggest and then I put my two sense in and a couple other coaches  put their two sense in and we just continue to have healthy conversation. I do not think it has ever come  to a point where guys have been arguing about it. If you could see it in the room, the conversations go  everywhere. You pick a play and it is like who do we want on the play, or what if they do this when we  are running that and the conversation just goes back that way. I think it is more healthy conversation  and then everybody is putting their heads together trying to figure out what is best for the offense.  There has not been any friction that way [and] from my take as to that we are doing the wrong stuff for  our guys.” 



(Opening Statement) “Happy and festive Thanksgiving! We have a lot to be grateful for, all of us. We get  to coach in a great game and you guys, this is your livelihood in terms of reporting on a great game.  There’s nothing like it, but [we have to] just to be grateful and thankful for what we have. Recapping the  game, it’s hard enough to have to beat your opponent, so the biggest thing I stressed with the defense  was we can’t beat ourselves. That first drive was 22 plays. Shoot, it lasted for whatever long it was. It  seemed like we got them in the third-and-long and when we did, and second-and-long, we hurt  ourselves. We had three plays on that drive [where] we’re off the field. Two of them were sacks. The  first three times we rushed them, we sacked them. Then we get the penalty on the hold, so we have to  go back. Second-and-long, Damien [Wilson] gets the sack, now it’s third-and-long. We just didn’t  execute the play that we wanted at that particular time, so now we have to start it all over again. We get  them [in] third-and-four, we get another sack, jump offsides. You can’t beat yourself. I learned from a  long time ago, one of the greatest coaches in this game, Hall of Fame coach, said when you have a third  down penalty, it’s like giving the ’27 Yankees, the Bronx Bombers, four and five outs. We did stop them  at that particular time, and it was a field goal, then [we] had to come back. We had them again on  another drive where Andrew [Wingard], Dewey, made a great play out of center field really and stopped  a heck of a wide receiver, [49ers WR] Deebo [Samuel], and again, that’s when Ray[shawn Jenkins drew a  penalty]. It was a physical battle the whole game. You just have to hold your emotions and I know he  feels bad about it and we’ll move on from there. But that was the biggest thing we stressed, not hurting  yourself and giving them other opportunities. With that, I’ll open it up for questions. When you talk  about Atlanta coming in, it’s the same thing. I know these guys well, used to be in the division. [Falcons  QB] Matt Ryan’s a competitor. He’s going to compete until the last whistle, the last throw, and he’s  never out of it. They have great playmakers. I mean [Falcons TE Kyle] Pitts, how do you defend him? He’s  making one-handed catches all over the place. He’s going to break every rookie tight end record in the  NFL I’m sure, and he’s a problem. Then you put [Falcons RB Cordarrelle] Patterson as a tailback, and  then when you have two backs, he’s a wide receiver. So, they have some great playmakers, and with  that, I’ll open it up for questions.” 

(On comparing Falcons RB Cordarrelle Patterson to 49ers WR Deebo Samuel) “Well, most of the time,  you’ll know when he’s back there. That was the other thing that was disappointing, we knew that Deebo  [Samuel] was going to run the ball and we were in position. There were two runs. He had the longest  ones of the tailbacks, the touchdown and the one that went down to about the 2-yard line. We had  leverage, we had position, and we didn’t get the job done. We knew he was going to be in the backfield  to run the football and that was disappointing. In this situation, it’s little bit different because when  there’s only one back in there, he is the tailback. It’s a little bit different where San Francisco had two  backs, sometimes one back, and the backside on empty and then he’s in the backfield. With [Falcons RB  Cordarrelle] Patterson, he’s going to be the tailback. Now, when there’s two backs in there, we have to  treat him like a wide receiver, two skill backs, two tailbacks.”

(On being disappointed about not being able to stop the run against the 49ers) “Absolutely. Like I said,  on that first drive, we did. We stopped it, everything, including 19 [49ers WR Deebo Samuel] in the  backfield, and we didn’t get off the field. The runs that really hurt us were [from] the wide receiver. I  think from the standpoint of physicality, I thought our guys played really physical. We knew that was  going to be that type of game, but yeah, absolutely.” 

(On expecting significant changes from the Falcons offense) “Yeah, I’m sure they’re looking at everything  there and they had some of their weapons down that they didn’t have, some of their fire power. I’m  expecting them back, so I’m sure there’ll be something different.” 

(On expecting Falcons WR Calvin Ridley back from injury) “I don’t know. He is eligible to come off. He’s  another one that’s an explosive great wide receiver. But we do expect [Falcons RB Cordarrelle]  Patterson back.” 

(On preparing for the Falcons offense who doesn’t run the ball frequently) “Absolutely, [that’s] a really  good point. When they had [Falcons TE Hayden] Hurst and they had all their weapons, it was extremely  difficult because now you have tiger with 8 in the game, with [Falcons TE Kyle] Pitts in the game, tiger  with 85 [Falcons TE Lee Smith]. Now you have a little ‘U’ we call it, like you have two backs and now it  looks like ten personnel sets where you have four wides with those guys. So, absolutely. They were  really winning and doing the things that were really good, beating the Saints and beating Miami. They  had all their weapons, and it was very tough to do that. Now again, he’s [Falcons RB Cordarrelle  Patterson] expected possibly to come back. It does present a problem, but we’ll have certain things that  we’ll do, and we should be well aware of when they’re in the game and how they’re going to do things.” 

(On considering Falcons TE Kyle Pitts a wide receiver) “He’s absolutely a wide receiver. He’s as fast as  any wide receiver out there. He’s bigger and that’s another great point, they’ll move him around  everywhere. He is in the tight end position at times, but most of the time, he’s out at one by himself and  everybody’s on the other side. They’ll motion him, get him to exactly where they want to put him.” 

(On Falcons TE Kyle Pitts being WR1 if Falcons WR Calvin Ridley does not play) “Well, there’s a lot of  things we’ll try to do to see if we can slow him down.” 

(On comparing Falcons TE Kyle Pitts to Ravens TE Mark Andrews) “I was with [Ravens TE] Mark  [Andrews]. When we had Mark and [Falcons TE and former Ravens TE Hayden] Hurst healthy, they did  some of the similar things [Ravens Offensive Coordinator] Coach [Greg] Roman did where it’s big  personnel and now they’re out there like ten personnel. Now you have a linebacker covering those guys  and then they can come back in and run the football with those guys. They present matchup problems.  Like I said, he has the speed of a wide receiver and the size and stuff of a hybrid tight end.” 

(On an injury update for CB Shaquill Griffin and CB Tyson Campbell) “Everything’s day to day. Everyone’s  working through it, and we’ll see where it is at the end of the week, but we fully expect everyone to get  back when they can.” 

(On his typical Thanksgiving plate) “Well my wife, she already started cooking and she does a  tremendous job. But I don’t know, I love stuffing. So that’s my favorite, I know that. I do love the  stuffing.” 

(On his preference of turkey or ham) “Turkey.”



(On making the offense more creative) “I don’t think it’s all about creativity. I think it’s mostly about  execution. That’s something we’ve talked about a lot and that’s something we’ve met about, we’ve met  as an offense and talked about. We just have to get better. We have to execute. It’s the details and the  stuff that is in, whatever the install is or whatever our game plan is, we have to know it like the back of  our hand and execute that. I think that’s the starting point. I think going from there and then you can  add wrinkles, you can do whatever, but I just think that’s where we have to start out. I don’t think it’s  always about creativity, just my honest opinion. Sometimes it is, but I don’t necessarily think that’s the  sole reason. I think it’s on all of us. We have to be better. We just have to execute more.” 

(On looking at the last few weeks as progress as far as not throwing any interceptions) “Yeah, I mean yes  and no. I don’t think I played my best football, so I’m not pleased with that. But I mean yeah, it’s nice. I  did have a turnover in the Colts game, but to not have thrown an interception the past few weeks. I  mean it’s a positive, but the last two games we lost, didn’t play well at all last game. That’s definitely not  a positive, so we want to get better, we want to have more explosive plays, move the ball more  consistently. But yeah, I think for me to take that next step, that is obviously important to take care of  the ball. I think I’ve grown a lot in that area this season.” 

(On building chemistry with new teammates during the season) “It’s different, takes a little bit of extra  work. Then in practice, you just have to get used to seeing a bunch of different guys in there at different  times and really just have to communicate well. If you want something a certain way or if you need to  correct something, you just talk about it right after. The guys have been great. The new guys that have  come in have been awesome. They picked it up quick, [have been] very receptive to all that. [It was my]  first time seeing Jaydon [Mickens] today, so that was good. He looks really good, so we’ll have to get him  up to speed. [He’s] definitely another weapon for us, so I’m always all for that.” 

(On the resilience of RB James Robinson despite an injury) “That’s just a guy you want on your team.  Obviously, he’s a great player, but just the way he carries himself. [He’s] really hard worker, always on  his stuff, very mature. Like you said, we all have some things going on, but especially him, you can see.  Obviously, he got banged up against Seattle and since then just fighting to get back. He’s done a great  job of just kind of toughing it out and that’s what you would expect from a guy like that just knowing his  character. He’s been awesome. [He’s] just a guy, as a quarterback, you want to play besides, so it’s nice  having him.” 

(On watching the Falcons and QB Matt Ryan growing up in Georgia) “I watched him a lot growing up. I  didn’t watch a ton of NFL. I was more of like a college football fan as kid, but obviously that was the  home team in Atlanta there. We were really close, so we’d go to games, we’d watch the games. [I]  always liked [Falcons QB] Matt Ryan. I think he’s a great player and really the way he’s carried himself 

throughout his career has been impressive. You watch him every game, I feel like he plays well. So, it’s  cool to see and he’s a great player.” 

(On his impressions of Falcons TE Kyle Pitts) “He’s awesome. There’s not many guys like that. I don’t  know if there’s any. He’s probably the only one really like that, so he’s a special, special player obviously.  I remember even in college watching him like before our games, be watching TV, seeing Florida play and  [he’d] just have like three touchdowns every week and just crazy stuff like that. He’s a great player.  Obviously, that’s a big weapon for them, a guy that’s a tight end but really is like an extra receiver out  there with long arms. He’s like 6’5” or whatever he is, so that’s a big weapon obviously.” 

(On former Clemson teammate and current Falcons CB A.J. Terrell) “[Falcons CB] A.J. [Terrell]’s  awesome. I played with him for two years and [he’s] a great player. I mean he was one of the hardest  workers on our team, carried himself like a pro even in college. It’s not surprising to see the success he’s  had and to see when the Falcons picked him a couple years ago, it wasn’t surprising to me at all. I know  to some people it was, but just being around him for two years, he’s impressive and watching him on  tape, I think he’s one of the best corners in the league. It’s cool to watch him be successful. He’s a great  guy, so I’m happy for him. It’ll be good to see him.” 

(On seeing former Clemson teammate and current Falcons CB A.J. Terrell on tape instead of in practice)  “It’s a little bit different just because I know him personally. Then just seeing some of the stuff he did  even in college and some of the, whatever you want to call it, tendencies, the way he likes to play, you  see the same things that you saw on the practice field every day, the things he’s good at, what he wants  to do as a defender, what his go to things are. Seeing all that, it really carries over because you see  things and you’re like it’s exactly how he did it in practice and it was obviously hard going against him in  practice every day. That’s cool to have that experience and look back on it. He has the same thing with  me.” 

(On the Falcons loss in Super Bowl LI) “Like I said, I wasn’t like a huge fan of the Falcons necessarily. Like  I said, I just didn’t watch NFL a ton, but it was definitely … Now that the Braves won the World Series,  that was big for our state, but it had been a while since we’ve won a championship. I don’t know. I don’t  want to say too much because we’re playing that team, but it’s definitely heartbreaking for those guys. I  can’t imagine getting to that stage and to end like that, that’s tough. Not for me necessarily, like I wasn’t  [a die-hard fan]. Like I said, I watched them. I was cheering for them because that’s kind of the team I  rooted for if I did root for one, but not super emotional for me.” 

(On being a bigger Braves fan than Falcons fan) “Little bit. I definitely went to more Braves games as a  kid when it was at Turner Field. Now they have the new stadium and all that, but yeah, I went to a lot of  Braves games.” 

(On adjusting expectations for new players coming in mid-season) “I mean it just depends. It depends  how new the player is. Obviously if it’s someone like John [Brown] last week who had just gotten here,  that’s something where when you’re game planning, you have certain personnels and certain plays  where he’s in the game so you can plan for what he’s going to do and talk about it the day before, a  couple days before, throughout the week. Usually towards the end of the week, you have a good idea like, ‘This is the play you’re going to be in. ’There’s a few of them and you work on those, make sure you  get a few reps, make sure you are on the same page. That is about all you can do when someone is new.  You can’t teach them the whole offense in a week. You try to give them a few plays and mix it up. That is  what you have to do. It is not the easiest thing, but any weapons that can help, you want to have them 

on the field so if they can help us and put them in a position to be successful, we are going to do that. I  think the guys have done a good job of picking it up, but [we] got another new one today [WR Jaydon  Mickens] so we have a little bit more work to do.” 

(On the Falcons defense) “They do a good job. [It’s] pretty simple on base down like the last few teams  we’ve played. Indy [Indianapolis] and San Fran[cisco] were very simple [on] first and second down, but  then on third down got more exotic like most people. But he [Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees] does a  

really good job mixing it up the looks. They like to play man coverage, but then he does a really good job  of mixing in the two high, zones with pressure so you don’t know where guys are coming from. People  are coming from the left side of the line to go play their zone spot on the other hash, just stuff like that,  guys are flying everywhere. We just have to communicate really well and make sure we’re just on point  with all of that. For me, my eyes are super important post-snap just seeing the rotation and where guys  are going and finding soft spots. That’ll be big.” 

(On timing being more important when playing the Falcons defense) “Definitely. Timing’s huge in this  league. Windows are small and when there is some voyage, you have to take advantage of them  because you’re not going to get them all the time, so for sure.” 

(On a defense taking away a certain player like the 49ers did with TE Dan Arnold) “It can be tough.  Obviously, that’s when you have to find your other guys and make plays. That’s something that we’re  still continuing to figure out, what we’re really good at, and the next step to this offense. But yeah,  there’s always ways to get him the ball and [we] didn’t really do that for last week for whatever reason.  [It was] just how the game went. They did a good job of trying to take him away, so that’s something  you always have to have a plan for. They played a lot of man coverage last week. We have to beat man  and you have to be really accurate when you’re playing man coverage, so those are the two things.” 

(On his Thanksgiving spread) “We’re having our family in town Friday, so we’re not eating until Friday,  but everything. I don’t even know. I’d have to look at the menu, turkey, ham, all that, so we’re having it  all.” 

(On his favorite Thanksgiving dish) “Sweet potato casserole’s probably like my go to Thanksgiving food  that’s not necessarily the common ones like ham or whatever. I’d say sweet potato casserole.”



(On what he has seen out of TE Kyle Pitts and Atlanta’s weapons) “It is just another week in the NFL. That is what I can say on that one. Kyle Pitts is definitely a heck of a player. He has made a lot of great  catches just by watching the film. He is someone that we have to keep our eye on. With all that, we have  to affect his quarterback. If we do that, we can just say forget everything else after that. We know it is  going to be a game up front, but we just have to win the trench battle. We have a good opportunity to  do it this week.” 

(On having the opportunity to drop in coverage and cover TE Kyle Pitts) “I am trying to get an  [interception]. It is crazy because once you get something for the first time, you want to keep getting it.  It is like once I got that pick, I was like, ‘Oh, I can get me another one. I can get me another one.’ Now I  know the personnel that they have and the style of play that they like to do, so if the opportunity comes,  I am going to be ready for it. I am not going to be [surprised] unless he just beats me. Hopefully that is  not going to happen. If the opportunity comes, I am going to try and make a play and I am looking  forward to it.” 

(On if he gets the sense that the defense is making plays but beating themselves on defense) “Definitely.  Just looking back, we had three chances to get off the field [on the first drive] – a sack, a forced fumble,  but we didn’t. We do not know which play is the play that changed the game. One of those plays could  have been. We can’t say, but it was another missed opportunity. We have to limit those missed  opportunities and just capitalize on the opportunities we do have. It is more about focus. We have to be  laser [focused] and just have to go out there and have fun.” 

(O if there is an increased focus on the little things throughout the week) “There always is. That is  anything. That is life. It is not the big things that you are worried about. It is the little things that you do  not think about. You say, ‘OK I slipped’ and you ruin the whole thing. Little things have always been an  emphasis every time I have played the sport – in life, football, whatever. We just have to be aware of  that and have to know our assignments and play within our techniques. I feel like once we play within  our techniques, the little mistakes, you lose those errors. Focus, focus on this week, focus on getting  after these boys and playing a fast, physical game.” 

(On there being an increased focus on the little things after a game like this past Sunday) “Always, that is  anything, that is life. It is not the big things that you are worried about, it is the little things that you do  not think about. It Is like you are slipping and then you ruin the whole thing. Little things have always  been an emphasis every time I play the sport. In life, football, whatever and we just have to be aware of  that and have to know our assignment and have to know our techniques. I feel like once we put in our  techniques then the little mistakes – you lose those errors. Focus on this week and getting after these  boys and playing a fast physical game.”

(On watching the tape from Sunday’s game) “Dang, it was like missed opportunities. It was really what  we really preach on every day and it is shooting ourselves. Like I said before, when we are all on one  page, playing together, having fun and flying around and doing what we need to do, it looks great. When  we do not do it and then you have opportunities like this and get the penalties. Not even a lot of  penalties, it just penalties at the crucial moments in the game, it is always a down moment. I feel like up  front, from the film we watched of the 49ers, I feel like they were a real physical group. I feel like they  were physical but we won our battles up front and we have to continue to get better and we can make  more plays up front, but we have to stay the course. [We have to] stop the run and converge on the  pass.” 

(On what he learned last week that can be applied this week on playing against RB Cordarrelle  Patterson] “Tackling. He is a heck of a player and has been in the league for a long time. He has been  doing it his whole career. Definitely looking forward to this challenge and when he is in the backfield  there is a good chance he is going to get the ball. Just to get your mind right, you know the play, you  know the defensive play that we are running, read your keys and go make a play. That is the best thing  we can do and that is the only focus that we need to have during each play. I feel like once we do that  we will be a lot more successful.” 

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