If Amazing People exist than how can we tell who really is Amazing

BY Robert Gottesman

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.” Joe Namath

Human beings are sociable in all aspects of their lives. For example we are always interacting in different groups. We are always playing sports with each other. We spend a great deal of time on social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. We express positive gestures such as a smile, laughter, we can get serious and obtain vast amounts of knowledge.

Each week on the WEINETWORK my wife the Amazing Helen, My son the Amazing Adir, and myself express our social ideas on a very special radio show we call Amazing Abilities. On that show we interview people from the far reaches of the galaxy with the greatest talents around that focus on employment, housing, special needs, trusts, micro enterprises, new educational modalities, along with so many kinds of new and different approaches and technologies.

Why do we do this because we are creating the amazing abilities center to offer families and people with disabilities the ability to gain the knowledge to be successful. Along with this center, we will have an ice cream parlor we call Delicious Spoonfuls that will train and employ people with all kinds of disabilities. So get ready, get set, and lets launch our new star ship called The USS Delicious Magic to seek out new breakthroughs and new revolutionary experiences.

Our Quest/Mission is to help families and their children with disabilities.

So lets get set, get ready, and lets go to WARP 6 AND ENGAGE.

P.S. You can listen on your smartphones or computers every week on Wednesdays at 4 pm Eastern time.

All the best Amazing Rob Helen and Adir.

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