Game Preview Week 3

Detroit vs. Minnesota
By Jeremy T. Ballreich

If you watched the last couple of weeks. The Minnesota Defense, while on paper looks very formidable, is suspect to the same thing our Lions Defense is. The run game. Elite pass rushers tend to overpursue RBs, which tires them out negating their pass rush. As we saw with both defenses when each had played the Philadelphia Eagles. And Minnesota has two elite ones at OLB in Z’adarious Smith, and Daneele Hunter. So outside run with zone blocking, or pulling guards is the key. This must happen or our stout Oline and Goff will be tested by that duo.

Run the ball until thay Defense breaks. Even with Jared Goff in RPOs as weseen 2 weeks in a row with him.
On defense. It stems 100% on the front 7 hitting their gaps during the run plays, in which the Lions help negate the running game of the Commanders last week. I expect more of the same. Then pressure Cousins, he crumbles under heavy pressure from defenses. And right now we have the front 4 to do it. After 2 weeks the Detroit Lions are tied for the lead in pressures on the opposing QBs with a total of 48! Granted which has led to a few sacks.

If their can continue that trend. I have the scoring streak continuing for our Lions. Prediction. Lions win 35-24.

Thanks for reading!