Fort Lauderdale to have street named for coach and Fort Lauderdale Commission

Fort Lauderdale to have street named for top high school coach

From David Volz

The Fort Lauderdale City Commission gave support to name a street in honor of Coach Marcia Pinder.

The City Commission heard a request for a secondary street naming for a segment of NW 24th Avenue between Sunrise Boulevard and Panther Lane in honor of Coach Marcia S. Pinder. The street leads up to Dillard High School, where Mrs. Pinder served as the girls’ basketball coach for 44 seasons. Coach Pinder passed away in June 2021 after a storied tenure that ended with her as the winningest basketball coach in Florida high school history. Coach Pinder was the recipient of the 2019 City of Fort Lauderdale Citizen of the Year award for her years of dedication and service to the residents of Fort Lauderdale. At the direction of the City Commission, staff will move forward with implementing this request as a City initiative, which will require City Commission approval at a future meeting.

The City Commission heard and update about the Aquatic Complex. City staff provided an update about the newly renovated Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex. The facility has been open on a limited programming basis since September 12, 2022, and the expected final completion date for the $47 million renovation project is scheduled for December 2022. In October, the City received a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy for the South Building and a Certificate of Occupancy for the base project. Staff expects an official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the complex for the month of December 2022.

”Not only is the local community thrilled about the opening of this long-dormant site, but national and international attention is being paid to our aquatic complex,” said Commissioner Steve Glassman.

Fort Lauderdale Commission approves work on pickleball facility

From David Volz

The Fort Lauderdale City Commission approved major contracts during a recent meeting

The City Commission approved a motion to enter into an agreement with My Park Initiative, LLC, to design, construct, operate, and maintain a pickleball facility on the southwest corner of Snyder Park, located at 3299 SW 4th Avenue. The complex will include up to 40 pickleball courts, tournament facilities, a restaurant, and other recreational amenities.

The Commission noted that this public-private partnership would create an amenity for the entire city and provide recreational programs similar to those made available at other City parks.The Commission also encouraged additional public outreach to solicit input from the community. City staff will add language to the agreement that will allow the future City Commission and City Manager to review and weigh in on the proposed rate structure for public use of the facility. The proposal also includes a redevelopment opportunity of the NOVA site, north of Snyder Park, to be rehabilitated for City Parks and Recreation operations. Under the proposal, the City will reimburse My Park Initiative, LLC, up to $1 million for the construction of rehabilitated facilities at the NOVA site.

“It is important to note that the city received a bid of $8 million dollars for this work three years ago. Thank you to the many citizens who spoke last evening on both sides of the issue. This facility will occupy the space of the park that has been unusable by the public because it’s been utilized as a seawood composting heap and trash transfer station,” said Commissioner Steve Glassman.  

The City Commission approved an ordinance on second reading to allow Fort Lauderdale Beach hoteliers to offer food and beverage service, including alcohol, on the beach to their guests and members of the public who are renting chairs from the City’s concessionaire. The City Commission noted that ordinance states that the hotels serving patrons on the beach will monitor alcohol consumption and clean up afterwards to ensure proper maintenance and conduct of patrons on the beach. Additionally, the City Commission expressed that the ordinance is an attempt, through a measured and controlled process, to bring the use of alcohol onto the beach for a period of one year. The City Commission noted that the language of the ordinance will be reviewed and possibly amended to include hotels along Breakers Avenue.

Following an update from staff during the City Commission Conference Meeting, the City Commission voted in favor of accepting a donation of $5 million worth of artwork from the James Winder Laird Trust to commission, purchase, install, and maintain the public art at Tunnel Top Park. The first two projects for the Arts Park, totaling approximately $1 million, were highlighted in a presentation for the City Commission.

The City Commission approved a resolution for a $600,000 affordable housing loan to Related FATVillage, LLC, for the Gallery at FAT Village project, located at 600 N. Andrews Avenue. These funds complement the $1.5 million loan approved by the Community Redevelopment Agency Board.