Very few people really know why IOS is essential, what it means or how to put it to action. The next question is who cares? What its value to me? The answer is you must care, and the value is huge. The difference between success, mediocracy, or even failure is predicated on the implementation of a successful IOS implementation.

There are 2 types of IOS: Strategic and Operational. For a business to run with the least amount friction and disruption, both must be joined at the hip. Each requires unique skills, behaviors, educational levels, temperament and more.

Together, if successful, the outcome is the building of internal strategic strength to prepare and withstand today’s business challenges. When you have this internal strength, your business is prepared and protected as it can be to withstand todays geopolitical and economic challenges, but also be better positioned for growth and profitability.

With internal strategic strength, all your business systems are alignment and working in concert with each other, with everybody on the same page.

The issue becomes…HOW…

How would you implement internal strategic strength?  All replied welcomed.

Stanley Labovitz, JD, Author is the CEO of an international consulting company, Predixxa, Inc., a rebranded 30-year-old company using powerful diagnostics and Harvard based business science to align companies for growth.

Stanley Labovitz, J.D., CEO, Author: Back From The Brink

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