Don Beebe Football And Faith


Welcome to another edition of Rick’s Rants. Today we will be doing something a little different.

I’m always telling you my opinions, Which teams are overrated? Who I blame when things go wrong in organizations?  

This is a very special story that personally touched me.

I had the honor of speaking to former Buffalo Bills Star Don Beebe. I’ve always admired him when he played! He looked like a normal guy you would meet walking down the street and say Hi and of course the Leon Lett play in the SuperBowl! He taught me to never give up and you can achieve anything in life!

What a true inspiration he is and what a man of faith he is as well. I too am a man of faith and my life has changed since I accepted God in my life in 2006. I wouldn’t be writing this article or articles if it wasn’t for God.

Mr Beebe uses his talent and it’s made him incredibly successful in the NFL but I believe he’s doing his best work right now mentoring children and recently he was named head coach of Aurora University in his home state of Illinois. Mr Beebe was everything I assumed he would be in my mind; kind, considerate, and importantly humble. I felt I can relate to him and I can see why God uses him as an instrument to inspire millions of people everyday.

I’m happy he has a Charlotte connection, when he played for the Carolina Panthers during there inaugural season in 1996. When I would see him play on television growing up, I would think he’s so small compared to the other players but I realized he’s a giant in so many peoples lives!

I hope one day I can meet or talk to him again and thank him for his words of inspiration.

Playing in 6 Superbowls is amazing but to me sharing your love of God and how you wouldn’t be where your at without him, to me is his greatest accomplishment on and off the football field!

Thank you Mr Beebe. Until next time!

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