Covid, Tunnel, and Superintendent

Broward Hospitals are seeing an increase in COVID cases

More patients are coming to Broward Hospitals for COVID and other medical issues. Five hospitals in Broward have indicated they are at critical capacity. The county’s two public health systems, Broward Health and Memorial Healthcare and HCA hospitals have told rescue personnel to move patients away from individual hospitals because there are too few beds for people sick enough to be admitted. Patients are taken to the next nearby hospital where they can be admitted, according to Stephen Gollan, spokesperson for Fort Lauderdale Fire & Rescue. Even though COVID patients are about 5 percent of the total number of patients, new admissions are increasing.

At the end of last week, more than 3,600 COVID patients were hospitalized in Florida. On June 14, there were 1,845 people hospitalized because of COVID. This is an increase of 95 percent in one month. Florida has the fourth highest per capita COVID hospitalization rate in  the U.S. Nevada, Missouri and Arkansas have higher rates.  Most of the people who have recently contracted COVID have not been vaccinated against the disease. Many of the patients are younger.


Discussion on Boring Company Tunnel

The City of Fort Lauderdale received an unsolicited proposal to design, construct, operate, and maintain a subsurface public transportation system connecting downtown Fort Lauderdale with Fort Lauderdale Beach on June 21, 2021. 

The City Commission approved a resolution on July 6th providing notice of intent to enter into a Comprehensive Agreement for the project and notice of intent to accept other proposals for the same project within 45 days. 

“I voted in favor of moving this forward as I am keeping an open mind. There is still much to learn and many questions to be answered regarding geotechnical studies, the water table, technical aspects, safety, waterproofing, and impacts of future seal level rise. I am pursuing those answers now and look forward to a robust discussion when this proposal comes back to the Commission,” said Commissioner Steve Glassman.

He believes safety is paramount and demonstrating that this will alleviate traffic is of major concern. In fact, if this project moves forward, it cannot be the end of it.

“I see it as just a beginning where we are eventually able to connect the airport to the seaport to the beach and even west on Sunrise Blvd and north to the stadium at Lockhart Park. Time will tell and funding sources will be crucial. Bottom line: I am not interested in building a novelty that is nothing more than a joy ride,” said Glassman.


Broward Schools superintendent Robert Runcie wants to give students the option to wear masks this fall

Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie has recommended that students be given an option on wearing masks when on school campuses this fall.  He said that it will be recommended that students wear masks  when they return to school on August 18. The School Board will discuss the wearing of masks at a workshop on July 27.“Opening our schools is a fluid environment and is constantly changing. As we see positivity rates continue to fluctuate, our recommendations could change,” said Runcie.

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