Can Tampa Bay Support 2 Football Teams


Football season is back and depending who you are rooting for it may be a great season or a long season. For me, it’s a long season. But don’t worry football fans, football season will not end in February, it will just begin. The XFL is coming back? Remember them from 2001, the short lived Football League that was founded by WWE Founder Vince McMahon.  It promised to bring big hits and brought players like Rod “He Hate Me” Smart as a household name. This time around it is completely different and just last week XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck announced there will be an 8 team league that will start in early February and will end in April. The League will start in 2020. Tampa Bay was awarded a franchise and will play at Raymond James Stadium. My question is will die hard football fans watch? Can Tampa Bay support 2 Pro Football Teams?  Will the League be a success?  I will let the football fans decide but personally I would love to see another professional Football league give some competition to the NFL.  I’m very intrigues and I will be watching!  Go XFL Tampa Bay! 

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