But I don’t want to watch football!!

BY PETER WEIN. Here’s to all the couples that will be fighting over the next couple of weeks!!

Its crunch time in the NFL. Seems as if just about all games have playoff decision to be made with the outcome of their last 2 games of the season.

Seems like just about every College program is in some sort of a bowl game.

Between the college Bowl games and NFL playoffs and eventual Super Bowl, there’s a lot of  time that will be spent in front of the TV. Which means that in a lot of homes there will be bickering between spouses, lovers/ significant others.

I am old enough to remember a couple of bowl games on Christmas and then New Years eve and New years Day there were a total of 8 Bowl games. Today there are about 33 Bowl games all starting mid December.Great for College football junkies— Not so good for there relationships with a loved one who would rather go to holiday parties, shopping and getting out to celebrate the season.

Then , of course, there is the NFL. We have a situation this year where all the playoff match ups won’t be known until the end of the the regular season results.What a way to keep you attached to your TV Your news feeds on your phone or if you end up going out with a loved one instead of being glued to the Boob Tube, you know the earplug is in your ear– The following results on line takes priority.Oh how I hope that being consumed with the Bowl games and NFL Playoffs take away a lot of air time from the political stories. More Sports airtime—Less Politics. Then, we can argue over watching a game instead of over Political differences. Oh, How many time have a I said Yes Dear” when I never heard what was being asked because of my earplug!! That has cost me a pretty penny in purchases I was told I agreed to!!!!!

Sometimes its the little things we do for each other that eases the tension of these little spats. Do something nice for your partner to ease that tension. For her- Take her for a nice romantic dinner on one of the nights when there isn’t a game on. Bring her flowers. Draw her a nice relaxing bath or send her to the spa for a day of pampering ( make it on a day you will be glued to the TV). For him- Get him a Beer and a 70” TV.

Here’s to all you folks out there that will navigating through the Sports- Relationship labyrinth.

Happy New Year’s to you all and hoping your teams win

Peter Wein

Founder World Entertainment & Information Network… WEInetwork.com


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