Business Development using the Internet

Businesses that rely on the Internet are constantly in search of the next great development tool that will open doors and provide a distinct advantage. Several years ago businesses could manage their own Internet activities, and with a fair amount of effort and focus, they could control their SEO position within their individual business category. As time marched forward, people began to use experts who could manipulate and coordinate activities on the Internet, giving their clients preferred SEO positions. These clients were willing to pay significant monthly fees to maintain their  preferred position as one of the top three businesses when using the Internet.

Today the key tool in making sure that your business is properly positioned is the effective use of Google Maps. Google Maps is rapidly becoming the business development tool for those companies that are Internet dependent for both messaging and business development. In other words, if your business is dependent on SEO and the Internet to attract new clients and differentiate your company or service from others in the same category, you need to contract the services of a highly skilled digital management company that understands and can maneuver you through the Google Maps process.

If you are interested in learning more about how to see the “hockey stick” in your business development, contact me, and I’ll put you in the hands of SEO experts who understand and manage Google Maps.

Ron Cocquyt

Hylander Management LLC


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