AAF One And Done?


Welcome to another edition of Rick’s Rants.

Today we will be talking about The Alliance Of American Football. I have talked about the new spring league before but there is a new twist to the story. Are they one and done? Will the league survive this weekend?

I love this new league, I love the teams, and this is a second chance league for players who want to make it back to the NFL.

But the people running it mainly Co-Founder Charlie Ebersol and New Chairman Carolina Hurricanes Owner Tom Dundon have made or said questionable things. Just last week Dundon raised eyebrows when he threatened to shut the league down if he didn’t get help from the NFL Players Union. It’s no secret the AAF and the NFL are working together and possibly will become a minor league affiliate of the NFL? Reportedly Co Founder Bill Polian was blindsided and was not very happy with Dundon’s latest comments.

The league has been scrambling to tell the audience we are not folding. TV ratings show people do like the league a lot. Why did Dundon say this? Is it to put pressure on the players union to loan players to the AAF which is what the original idea was intended for? Mr Dundon needs to realize the AAF needs the NFL not the other way around!

The league is reportedly having money problems and losing millions of dollars. Earlier in the season the league was having issues paying there players which Charlie Ebersol blamed on a “computer glitch”.

I am a huge fan of this league and I’m sure the XFL are taking notes on what not to do when they start in early February 2020! Stay tuned and bring your popcorn! 

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