A new art gallery opens in Hollywood

They’re a graphic designer and a realtor by trade, but in their hearts, Carlos Plaza and his wife, Edda Caban, are, they say, partners in ‘artistic’ crime, and they needed a place to do their art; Plaza’s photography and Caban’s ‘Furniture Up-Cycling’.

They’re no strangers to the gallery world — Carlos is the past proprietor of the Native Florida Gallery in Delray Beach, and Mundo Vintage in the Yellow Green Farmers Market. The couple envisioned a space where they could not only create and sell their own art, but also showcase and sell works by artists from all over the world, and especially from Latin America and the Caribbean, from where they both originally hail.

And so was born Just Another Art Gallery, at 123 N. 20th Avenue in Downtown Hollywood. It is an “eclectic creative design studio,” Plaza says, which serves as art studio – workshop, art gallery, and base of operations for Plaza’s graphic design company, where clients can receive a wide range of services ranging from general graphic design to custom framing, and publishing to photo restoration, specialty printing, and more.

“Downtown Hollywood has always had a great art scene,” said Plaza. “Now, in this post-pandemic boom, we believe that Hollywood is experiencing a renaissance and we are excited to be a part of it.”

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