It seems like the end of summer comes around faster every year.

“ME” MondayTM 8-12-19
It seems like the end of summer comes around faster every year. No sooner are the kids out of school and it seems the storefronts are crowded with “back to school” supplies everywhere.
While summer isn’t over just yet, there a lot of things you can accomplish while prepping for the coming school year. If you plan to buy new school clothes and supplies, there is something beneficial you can do first.
Why not set aside time to ‘clear the clutter’? Before you go shopping, go into everyone’s closet and clean out all the things you haven’t worn in at least a year. This will make room for anything new you find when you go shopping. Sometimes shopping in your family closets will help you discover you either do not need as much as you thought or you have a lot of things that are not used and can be donated to someone less fortunate.
The same can be said for school supplies. Have you ever bought too many supplies in one school year, to discover some go used and the next year you have to get completely different supplies? Once again, clear some clutter before you buy new and donate what you cannot use.
After you have reorganized your clothes and supplies, you will feel great about what you have accomplished and you now have organized space for new things. Clearing the clutter is also a part of self-care! By keeping yourself organized and doing something positive, you are getting things done and reducing chance of overwhelm. What is even better is that all the things you give away will help someone else!
Prioritize self-care. Clear some clutter on “ME” MondayTM and feel renewed!
The Shirt Off My Back is a non-profit organization that contributes clothing and hygienic products to the needy. All you need to do is ‘clear the clutter’, then contact Thomas Volturo, founder of The Shirt Off My Back, and he will come pick the items up. To learn more about The Shirt Off My Back visit

If you could do something for yourself right now that you are not doing, what would that be…?

To your health!

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