Slay Wants To Be The Highest Paid CB

By Damon Knight, Tribune Correspondent 

    The Detroit Lions are going into this year’s offseason with a few things on their agenda that they would like to accomplish and one of them is retaining a blue-chip type player on their defense. Darius Slay, 29, is entering the final year of his 4-year, $48.15 million contract extension with $21 million guaranteed. He also has a signing bonus of $14.5 million. The 6-year pro is seeking a new deal around $16 million a year. According to writer, Logan Lamoradier says,  “a fair price” for Slay would be a three-year extension at $15 million to $16 million, Slay wrote, “Y’all number to low lol.” 

  Last month, Slay said this about his contract situation, “If they give me a contract, I’ll be blessed and fortunate enough for it,” Slay said last month. “Like I said, I always wanted to retire as a Detroit Lion, but if it don’t happen, it’s cool. I’ll be alright. If I don’t, someone will be getting a great player.”

  Former Lions teammate Quandre Diggs suggested a 4-year, $68M deal or in layman’s terms, a deal worth $17 million annually. Slay then replied to his suggestion with a big-eye emoji. However, Slay is getting paid a base salary of $10 million and he averages around $12 million a season.

  Below is a list of the highest-paid cornerbacks in the NFL yearly: 

  Miami’s Xavien Howard: $15.1M

  Washington Josh Norman: $15M

  Jets Tremaine Johnson: $14.2M 

  Minnesota’s Xavier Rhodes: $14M

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